Count Modula 'Master Reset' - Solved Reset Problems

The context is that I wanted to create a patch for playing live, with several voices all throbbing in perfect time to the tempo of a track playing from a DAW.

Following from the problem of using a midi clock (from Beatstep Pro in that case Arturia Beatstep Pro - Multiple VCV Racks?) I tried simply sending a series of midi 1/4 notes out from the DAW and picking those up using MIDI-CV to generate a reset pulse in Rack.

Broadly that worked to reset a clock and get the throb in time, but then I found that other things downwind of it that needed resetting (sequencers, clock dividers) gave odd results, sometimes everything resetting in step, sometimes a clock-pulse out.

I tried putting short delays in between reset and clock triggers, but nothing worked. If I used just Impromtu Clocked and it’s built-in dividers I got good results, but I needed a separate divider for what I wanted to acheive.

Searching for clues, I came across ‘Master Reset’ which (I think!) has a description of the problem in the help, as it’s a PDF I can’t link directly to the page here. I plumbed it in now both the sequencer and dividers reset properly and start again in step.

I’m putting this up partly so if there’s another solution someone can let me know. Also as an aide memoire. I found the discussion below while searching, but I’m coming from this as a musician wanting to do what works rather than trying to get under the bonnet. At this point :smiley:

Any hints and tips gratefully received.

Here’s a condensed version of the text from the Master Reset manual.

When resetting a clock and sequencer modules where the clock is already in the high state, there will be no corresponding leading edge for any sequencers to pick up on if the clock module is designed to reset to a high state. In this case any sequencers that rely on the clock edges to advance them will wait for the next clock cycle which can of course throw things out of whack. Any clock signals running through the Master Reset module get forced low for a few samples when the rest button is clicked to ensure a positive going edge occurs soon after the reset.

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Thanks. There’s helpful oscilloscope diagrams in the PDF showing ‘before and after’ too.

Some more detail, I was using the sequencer Phrase-Seq-32 and that DID reset ok. It was the clock dividers (I tried several) that didnt.