Arturia Beatstep Pro - Multiple VCV Racks?

I just watched the Beatstop Pro / VCV Rack tutorial, and that looks very attractive. Can it control multiple VCV Racks, each on it’s on PC? There seems to be only one USB midi output and the other outputs are voltages for real hardware.

At the moment I could in principle do that with a DAW and rtpMidi, but that’s less attractive for various reasons. OK in the studio but too fiddly for on stage.

You can use a standard MIDI connection with a kind of MIDI splitter/router for connecting it to multiple PCs.

OK, thanks. I just searched for midi splitter and there are some 1->4 boxes that look like the thing. Then one of those midi -> usb cables for each PC? I’ve not had experience with midi hardware, sorry for the 101 question :slightly_smiling_face:

Omri recommends using the beatstep CV output -> PC audio input to sync clocks, as more stable that midi. I guess little audio mixer or maybe a 1->many cable would be good for multiple PCs then.

I would personally love an update about the state of MIDI support in VCV, and I guess you may also want to be sure about it before spending money on equipment. I’ll open a new thread.

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Ideally yes, if someone has done this before I’d love to hear the details. But the benefits of using Rack for me are so deep and so wide that I’m happy to go on a voyage of discovery and go with workarounds. I don’t understand the technical midi discussion at the minute. Do I even need a clock sync mechanism I wonder? For recording I set them manually, but I shall see what I can do with rtpMidi.

I’ve read the manual and it all looks good. Well, in theory.

Ben, en passant while looking at your midi modules I found the incredibly useful Goto, Stroke and Glue modules. Thank you for these :smiley: I can see these being super useful for live work, instead of mouse (uuugh).

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