What's the best operating system for VCV Rack?

(Sebastian) #1

Hi Rackheads,

i may buy a new laptop soon and also plan to use VCVRack more seriously. In regard to stability and compatibility, which Operating System would you suggest. I don’t want to discuss which OS is better, i just would like to know which OS is best suited for VCVRack.

Thank you.

(Leonardo Laguna Ruiz (Vult)) #2

Rack works great in all operating sysntems (macOS, Windows and Linux). The main thing to consider when buying a laptop for Rack is that you need a decent graphics card. If you buy a laptop with nvidia graphics you’ll be fine.

With a windows laptop you can easily test by yourself how using Linux feels like. One big plus of Linux is that you can make a very light and minimal installation, that way you don’t have too much stuff eating resources like in windows.

(Sebastian) #3

Hi Leonardo,

thank you. It’s nice to get some feedback from a developer (i :heart: your modules). I’m used to work with Linux and Windows (not a big fan of :green_apple:, nice OS but bad eco-system). Sounds like Linux is the way to go then. Thank you for the hint regarding the graphics card! I’ll do some research for a laptop with a Linux friendly GPU. Had one with a nvidia Optimus GPU, was a lot of fiddle to get it to work properly.

(SG Mikaelsson) #4

What’s the best patch for Metal?

[Any other TBers here? No? Alright then.]

(Monkey) #5

Linux is like a big modular system itsef and work pretty awesome with the nvidia drivers

Windows is pretty easy to use and it have millions of software to complement the vcv rack.

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(Sebastian) #6

True. I know both OSes well (i administrate Linux/Windows/Unix systems/clients as my day job). Both have cons and pros, thats why i especially asked for the best OS to use with VCV Rack. As already mentioned, i’m not a big fan of Apple, but if most of the developers/users of this forum had told me that OSX would be the way to go in terms of VCV compatibility and stability, then I would even have considered that. I now have ordered a Dell XPS 15 (i7, GTX 1050Ti), should do the job with Linux and Windows.

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(Sebastian) #7

Sorry, don’t know, not really my genre. :slight_smile:

I don’t get that. :confused:

(David Rodriguez) #8

I like Linux, since I discovered the vcv rack rack, stop using windows, plus Jack in Linux is the best

I’ve never used mac for audio, but I’ve used it for animation and I must say I do not like it, but who knows, everybody love mac…

parametra , flame , incubus…

(Jim Frye) #9

That’s awesome David. You should start your own music thread. :sunglasses:

(SG Mikaelsson) #10

TB is TalkBass, where a common question is “what is the best bass/amp for Metal?”. I imagine it comes up on many forums. It is making fun of the consistency of its asking. Never seems to be any other genre. Just something about Metalheads [of which I am one] that has them thinking for too ahead of themselves. There is no best, is the answer. All down to taste.

(TroubledMind) #11

I’d have to say linux after reading this - Sending Midi out of VCV Rack


I like OSX a lot, but just for running rack it’s a bad choice. Everyone who has a macbook complains about performance, and about the fans being on at 100% all the time. Again, just for running VCV, a desktop PC with Windows or Linux would be a better choice.

(Sebastian) #13

Thank you for the clearification. :+1:

I agree, but i need a mobile solution. The laptop with Linux should be fine. :slight_smile:


This is nice. But it sounds like it wants to be lower and slower, right?

(David Rodriguez) #15

I m not sure what you mean

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(Evan) #16

Microsoft is updating Windows 7 (and presumably Windows 8) product keys to Windows 10 for free.

This happens for new installations, as well as in place upgrades.

So … dust off some of those old Windows product codes you may have lying around.

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I mean that that style of metal is usually played at a lower pitch and a lower tempo.

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(SG Mikaelsson) #18

If you want low tempo, go for Doom, Drone, Sludge. But this is some Djentronic, if ever I’ve heard it. Even if I made the word up.

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(David Rodriguez) #19

ahh I understand , I guess it depend of what kind of metal is… (in this case is just a experiment without a style in mind)

(Sebastian) #20

Yes, i know, but thank you for the hint. Maybe i’ll give it a try later, but for know i’ll stick with Linux. :slight_smile:

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