Sending Midi out of VCV Rack

Hallo Leute. Habe eine Frage. Wie bekomme ich CV Steuersignale als midi raus zu meiner DAW oder Hardware? Danke

Hi Guys. Have a question. How do I get CV control signals out as midi to my DAW or hardware? Thank you


I guess you have to be patient. Found a entry on Facebook from february 16th about CV > MIDI:

Coming in Rack 1.0: Core CV-MIDI sends virtual CV from Rack to MIDI output hardware, such as desktop synthesizers or Eurorack MIDI interfaces. Supports Rack’s new polyphonic cables with up to 16 channels. Core CV-CC and CV-Gate send MIDI CC and note on/off commands to hardware.

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you can send CV from vcv rack through Jack and use it if you have other software that support Jack and CV or you can send it to an output to your hardware, also you can convert the CV to midi

(even you can send CV from a vcv rack instance to another through jack, I never did that but I guess could be useful to use other core of your processor )

Carla can convert CV to midi and I m sure have much more out there (perhaps this )

I dont know how it work but silent way is used to send CV to the hardware


oof I’ve been waiting for this for so long, and seems so much more exciting than sending MIDI into VCV.

The closest I’ve gotten is using the TrowaSoft OSC module to send OSC out, then parsing the OSC into MIDI in Max/MSP, which works but is super kludge-y.

I think smooth integration for this in 1.0 will be a game changer (for me personally, at least). Out of curiosity, and apologies if this is common knowledge and I’ve managed to miss it, but is there a ballpark release timeline for 1.0?

Oh nice, I didn’t know that worked with jack, will have to give it a try.


I guess it will be released when it’s done. :slight_smile:

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just saw - so psyched!

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unfortunately cv-midi does not work through the vst bridge,
is that correct?

Yes, now you don’t need bridge

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