What's the best operating system for VCV Rack?

perhaps it could be usefull


It is, keep it up.

Unfortunally, after using Linux for some days now, i switched to Windows. I still use and love Linux on other devices, but Windows seems to be better suited to me for music production and on this laptop, at least for now. Here is way:

  • I had some gfx glitches with Rack on Linux, nothing minor but it bugs me.
  • Better support for my audio card, install driver, connect and use it.
  • I need something to record with, but Audacity on Linux isn’t really useable with high DPI screens at the moment. I’ll stay with Ableton for now. I would use Bitwig but i can’t stand with it, i don’t know why, it feeles clunky to me.
  • Look and feel are great on Linux, but i miss some tools that have no Linux version and the alternatives are not optimal.
  • Battery lasts longer on Windows.

Windows is simply easier to use in this situation, i just want to fiddle with music/media stuff, not with the OS itself.


That’s interesting, I found that battery lasts much longer on Linux :slight_smile:

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This is still happening???

EDIT: I guess it is.

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This is true if i do casual work, but with Rack and other CPU/GPU heavy stuff Windows seems to do better. Maybe it’s just some wrong settings in the power profile or similar. For the moment i’m fine with Windows. I also currently sell my hardware, i’m back to Ableton Live and got a Push…so Windows is the way to go for me at the moment.

Still use and love Linux for everything not music related. :slight_smile:


yes , the reason that is by default linux is setting as power save mode, that is good in some cases but related to vcv rack it mean poor performance .

if you have a biger patch before enable others cores, just wake up completely your first one

echo performance | sudo tee /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor