What are you listening to?


recently i have been listening to some prog metal and post-metal again, which i used to be quite into about a decade ago. i have discovered some great bands that are new to me, such as the spanish band toundra:

and norwegian leprous:

and supergroup soen:

and mestis, the solo project of animals as leaders guitarist javier reyes:

but after a while of listening to this, it strikes me that especially the electric guitar used in most of these bands is really limited in terms of sound design. so that makes me hungry for synths again.


For the sake of variety:

(Sinan 166) #124

I’ve been a pretty serious Zappa fan for years now, so it’s all the more unbelievable that I’m only now discovering the genius message of Joe’s Garage.

I always liked the songs, even recorded a cover of Watermelon in Easter Hay, but only recently I paid attention to the concept and holy cow, this blows all other concept albums out of the water.

(Paul Piko) #125

My son researched the connections between Zappa’s works, and wrote this article:

The Crux of The Biscuit: Aural Conceptual Continuity in the Music of Frank Zappa

This is a down-sized version of the graph he came up with

(Antonio Tuzzi) #126

great analysis. Thank you Paul (and Cameron)!

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(Sinan 166) #127

Wow, that is simply amazing. Please give my deepest respect to your son !

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(Paul Piko) #128

I’ll pass that on to Cameron.

Dweezil Zappa was pretty happy to see it too :wink:

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(Sinan 166) #129

I’m sure he would be !

It’s actually funny, I was thinking about this just yesterday : Zappa has, as your son so elegantly showed, one of the largest personal mythology, with all those characters, real or fiction, themes that keep coming back again and again, musical phrases that got used numerous times in such different ways that each can easily be considered a whole composition, his humor, his political views, his whole visual image…

I used to tell friends who could never get into Zappa “Well, I could suggest albums and songs, but if you wanna really know Zappa, you gotta dedicated a significant amount of your time immersing yourself with his music”. That’s how deep it goes.

And somehow that seems to be anecdotal when people talk about his music. It’s no doubt today he’s respected as a 20th century composer (not that I’m downplaying rock music, but in that regard he’s unique -other incredibly talented composers did amazing things in the confines of rock music, but Zappa is the only one I know of who got famous), but even on Zappa forums there are endless arguments about his “silliness” (one message I remember finding incredibly clever was a guy saying “so a guy who’s making poop jokes past the age of 6 is supposed to be a genius?”) getting in the way of his musical recognition.

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(Paul Piko) #130

Zappa is complex. He created so much amazing material. I still have a long way to go to appreciate it all.

Cameron has been into Zappa for years. At one gig his band joined the other band on the lineup for some Zappa for fun.

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(Highcarbschwabe) #131

Hi! Just came across a piece called “Sud” by Jean-Claude Risset (from 1985 !). It creates amazing relations between natural and synthetic sounds. Imho the effect is very aesthetically pleasing!

And I might add “L’ile re-sonante” by Eliane radigue:

(Jim Nankivell) #132

Not one song, but the program “late junction” on Radio 3 at 11.00 (UK) always has some very interesting pieces of musics and artists throughout you may not have heard of - certainly worth a listen to, either live or on the BBC Radio iPlayer app

(Adi Quinn) #133

really loving this album this morning, had to share…

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(David Muddyman) #134

Today’s playlist while I work on getting an exhibition ready for tomorrow:

  1. United States of America
  2. Neu!
  3. Tago Mago by Can
  4. A Strangely Isolated Place by Ulrich Schnauss
  5. Work and Non Work by Broadcast
  6. Mars Audiac Quintet by Stereolab
  7. Istanbul is Sleepy by Liminanas
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(Lars Bjerregaard) #135

Oh yeah, you’re not alone! My favorite is Zoot Allures.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #136

He sure is. I’m mostly into “rock Zappa”. My favorite performance is this one:

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(David Muddyman) #137

Sadly the BBC are axing two of the three Late Junctions a week, moving the remaining one to the current Music Planet slot on Fridays.

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(Sinan 166) #139

I’m fond of chiffon in a wrist array !!!

(Lars Bjerregaard) #140

Really nice. I had never heard of him. Reminds me somewhat of Michael Stearns. Good stuff.

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(Dave Phillips) #141

I’ve been on a kick with music by Robert Ashley and by Toru Takemitsu, but today is March 20 so:

(Sinan 166) #142

Then you might enjoy this :slight_smile:

(the band starts playing around 3:45)