What are you listening to?

(Jim Frye) #102

I made it through the first 3 songs. I will finish it today. Very nice, thanks for posting.

(Sinan 166) #103

Oh yes ! I love this guy.

There’s a whole bunch of musicians pushing the boundaries of jazz mixed with electronica very far, yet they remain mostly unknown.

(Sinan 166) #104

Oh man, Coltrane is God, no contest.

Have you listened to this? As the title says it’s his last live recording and it’s WILD !!


Trust me to lower the tone…

(SG Mikaelsson) #106

My biggest love of Jazz/Electronic:

This album is by far the highest quality in terms of production I have in my collection. The youtube doesn’t quite do it full justice. But I hope it gets enough across.

(Sinan 166) #107

I love that band !
I’m guessing you’re familiar with their live alter ego, Mt. Fuji band.

(Michael Lloyd) #108

I just got through watching this :heart_eyes:

(Lars Bjerregaard) #109

Free jazz is definately the frontrunner for the modern variant of modular bleepy noisy bloops. Can’t say I’ve ever found a way into that and highly doubt I ever will, but more power to those who have :blush:

(Lars Bjerregaard) #110

I’ve been listening to Borderlands by Bluetech on repeat for a few days, it’s just so damn good and original:

I’m not a fan of his dubstep/techno/chill/… work, but this is something else!

Also I still often listen to our own Jim Frye’s (@veryfungi) Space Truckin in a loop for hours. It just fits a special corner in my soul and is so damn relaxing. I love that one.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #111

Something tells me you’d like David Torn’s “Cloud About Mercury”. I consider it a masterpiece:

Live version here:

Those musicians are just best in business types, my lord…

(Jim Frye) #112

Thanks so much Lars! It’s one of my favorites. It was one that the melody is based on sample and hold of a merge of several synced and un-synced sine wave LFO’s. This one was very rewarding for me. :slight_smile:

(Dave Phillips) #113

Today it’s music by Gordon Mumma (electroacoustic works) and Robert Ashley (“In memoriam… Esteban Gomez”). Great stuff.

(Sinan 166) #114

I could be wrong, but I think the bleep bloop electronica came before free jazz by a decade or so :slight_smile:

Yes, free jazz is definitely an acquired taste, one of the hardest to get into, but once you’re in it you can literally find God (some chemical supplements can help too lol)

So it’s all the more interesting to listen to someone like Sun Ra who played very abrasive, dissonant jazz while also being one of the earliest proponents of synthesizers (which he customized to ridiculous degrees).

As for Bluetech, if you like Borderlands, check these too :

-Caverns of Time
-Secret Entries into Darkness
-Behind the Sky (feat. In The Branches)
-Liquid Geometries

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey, I don’t know how to feel about Stereolab. I like them, but do I only like the idea of them?
See for yourself:

(Sinan 166) #116

I f**king LOVE Stereolab. Easily one of the greatest and most underrated bands of the 90s.

(Jim Nankivell) #117

This is probably one of my favourite of his - the concentration and skill that a piece like Modul 5 would take to play is quite impressive

(SG Mikaelsson) #118

I can never remember which of his songs is what, with them all being named basically the same thing. Not that it matters much, as I love all of them. I tend to listen to entire albums in a sitting, but with Bartsch, I often find myself listening to every album I have.

Currently going back to something I haven’t listened to in a long time, though: Stellardrone.
Super laid back Ambient stuff. Very different from the rhythmic Jazz stuff.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #119

Human sequencer. It is impressive. Nice music!

(Paul Piko) #120

More King Crimson inspired music from my son and another FAWMer during February Album Writing Month. In 11/8, of course!

Getting Our Crim On


I need to get seriously into this Bluetech guy. Shoutout to: @Omri_Cohen, @ablaut and @veryfungi - I think you guys would love this album as well!

i know! i have been following bluetech for years.

other artists in the genre worth checking out: androcell, ott, shulman, desert dwellers, kalya scintilla, sync24, miktek, globular, radioactive sandwich, carbon based lifeforms, and do i really have to mention shpongle?

also check out the more idm leaning music of ochre, kettel, and proem.