What are you listening to?

(Jim Nankivell) #1

As the title says, what music is everyone listening to? Genres, artists, etc… What’s in your album collection? Not necessarily just Rack stuff, but other stuff too.

I’ll start with some of my favourite artists:

~Jean-Michel Jarre, a classic in the electronic world. My favourite track of his has to be “Last Rendez-Vous” partly because of the amazing Sop Sax, but also because of its now commemorative status for the Challenger Space Shuttle and crew
~Oolluu, an amazing proggy electronic trio
~Switched on rack, of course :grinning:
~Elaine Walker/ZIA, I’m a real fan of the microtonal stuff

Of course, lots more too.

I’d love to hear from you,

(zero) #2
  • this mainly.


Today, I’ve had Daughters’ latest album on repeat. I wasn’t familiar with these guys at all before hearing this record, but it’s a really compelling mixture of hardcore, metal, industrial rock, and noise rock. It’s pushing all the right buttons for me right now; I’ll eventually go check out their earlier stuff.

In general though, I’ve played Autechre’s NTS Sessions 1-4 — in whole or in part — at least once per day since it was first aired earlier this year. I almost wish I was exaggerating. It’s not quite yet my favorite album of all time, because that honor still belongs to Scott Walker’s Bish Bosch at the moment, but I’ve got a pretty seriously unhealthy obsession with it. It’s one of the very few albums that makes me feel inspired to create when I listen to it, but also too invested in the listen to actually stop it and work on my own music.

(Johan) #4

I’ll try to keep it somewhat short, it’s almost too easy to ramble on ;).

The past two-three years I’ve gotten into black/doom/sludge/stoner metal. The most recent band I’ve bought stuff from is a Polish band called Mgła. Besides them I like Cult of Occult, Primitive Man, Bongripper, etc.

I also enjoy techno, especially released on the Swedish label offworldcolonies ltd. There are of course a whole heap of acts I could list but Aphex Twin is usually the first one. And Venetian Snares, although that’s not techno ;).

Am Not makes wonderful PE/industrial, as does Iron Fist of the Sun. And speaking of the sun, Sunn O))) are amazing.

Even though their last two-three albums weren’t to my liking I still really enjoy the early Death Grips.


Manily Progressive rock from now and the 70’s… but right now I can’t stop listening the last album "All Melody) from Nils Frahm, quite inspiring to transpose in the modular world

(zero) #6

First time I’ve ever heard anyone list Bish Bosch as their favourite album! Kudos.
More a fan of Soused myself…


Soused is also excellent, and the fact that it exists at all is pretty amazing. It was actually that collaboration that introduced me to Scott Walker, since I’ve been following Sunn’s output for much longer. To me, Bish Bosch just has the better…songs? sounds? tracks? recordings? Hard to put some of that stuff into rigid musical terms.

(Alberto Zamora) #8

Music from Front 242, Covenant, Android Lust and D.A.F. was the catalyst for me to start getting into Rack and Synths in general. But the main inspiration comes to me from Dub FX, Noisia and Nitzer Ebb also some modern punk like Slaves, Dream Wive or Idles. I used to listen to metal, but nowadays I don’t do it as much, but the bands that are still my top music are Sabaton, In Flames, Gojira or Turisas.

Also, I really appretiate and enjoy classic composers or modern interpretations of their work. For example this.

(Matthew D Gantt) #9

Everything on Orange Milk Recordings (though I suppose I’m biased!)

Subotnick, Suzanne Ciani Todd Barton and all the OG Buchla bleep-bloopers.

Anything/everything Oneohtrix Point Never. lots of footwork. Everything Holly Herndon < 3

(zero) #11

Oo - I just bought an Oneohtrix Point Never 7" single:

Played it on my radio show last Thursday!

(Matthew D Gantt) #12

so good!


mostly dark ambient and minimalism: https://www.last.fm/user/yngwin

(Patman / NYSTHI Manual) #14

Got twitch.tv/dronehands on RN, gonna try and work on my radio show The Heaviest Matter of the Universe tonight at some point…

If anyone knows of “heavy” music from this week’s country - Vietnam - (and it doesn’t have to be metal, could be heavy beats, heavy emotional content, heavy drone, etcetcetc), lemme know!


yeah, ive got dronehands on as well.

(Jhon Shepherd) #16

(Brett) #17

At the moment I’m listening to Dave Greenslade - The Pentateuch of the Cosmogony… Still have the vinyl hardback book edition!

(Michael Lloyd) #18

Hello fellow rack-heads! I have Lan connection to my HEOS receiver.I liisten to daily : Rádio Rock Clube (Brazll) , SG Greats (Germany) , SynthWay Radio , Kaos Sound Radio (all things Pink Floyd) , Prysm Trance Radio , Soma FM the Trip (trance) , Gen Radio (new wave).
I YT artist like Colin Benders, Steevo, Alexander Robotnick. And some guy named Omri_Cohen!
Home music collection is mostly 70’s lps, cd. including releases from Edgar Frose pre-TG :smile:

(Andrea A.G. Grossi) #19

Chiptune as if there’s no tomorrow. Lately I have a crave for chiptune (again).

  • Jeron Tell
  • Anamanaguchi
  • Chibi-Tech
  • goto80
  • 8 Bit Weapon
  • virt
  • instant remedy
  • Martin Galway
  • LukHash
  • Rymdreglage
  • pepino

And many, many more.

To think that I am a rocker inside. I have born with a rock guitar in my hands.


yesterday i discovered dubabylon’s channel, which has some great psydub mixes: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheHendrixMind/videos

these really help me be productive when i have stuff to do, such a positive vibe!


ive been listening to this one a lot

ive always respected Richard Devine as a sound designer and synthesist, but his music has not really been something I would listen to attentively. this album has been an exception and I’ve been listening to it constantly over the last few months. hoping to hear some of it at the bl__k noise event