What are you listening to?

Video is unavailable in my country :confused: Copyright reasons I guess…

And the album title “The Harmony Codex” seems appropriate to one of our journeys here.


What a voice


A bit more Cookie Monster than my usual input, but I enjoyed it. There’s some keyboards in the mix towards the end, but no keyboard player in sight :man_shrugging:

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I saw the keyboardist at 2:09.

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  • Jeff Beck – electric guitars, acoustic guitar on “Greensleeves”; pedal steel guitar on “Shapes of Things”; bass guitar on “Ol’ Man River”; lead vocals on “Tallyman” and “Hi Ho Silver Lining”, co-lead vocals on “Let Me Love You”
  • Rod Stewart – lead vocals, backing vocals on “Hi Ho Silver Lining”, possible backing vocal on “Tallyman”[citation needed]
  • Ronnie Wood – bass guitar
  • Micky Waller – drums

Additional credited personnel

  • John Paul Jones – bass guitar on “Hi Ho Silver Lining” and “Beck’s Bolero”; Hammond organ on “Ol’ Man River” and “You Shook Me”; arrangements on “Hi Ho Silver Lining”
  • Nicky Hopkins – piano on “Morning Dew”, “You Shook Me”, “Beck’s Bolero” and “Blues Deluxe”
  • Keith Moon (credited as “You Know Who”) – drums on “Beck’s Bolero”; timpani on “Ol’ Man River”

Additional uncredited personnel


I like JB from most years. Saw him about12 years ago with Pino on bass.


PJ Harvey performing four songs from her most recent album plus White Chalk


Harold Budd…reminded me to revisit one of the all time classic Ambient albums:

The Pearl (1984, remastered 2005) A cooperation between Harold Budd, Brian Eno an Daniel Lanois.

Playlist for The Pearl (Remastered 2005):

Some example tracks from that abum:

Against The Sky



I’ve seen her three times. Always super good. Haven’t listened to the new one enough. I really like the ww1 album.

One of the few artists I’ve seen from the very start. When I was a student she was in a visiting band, aged 16/17 IIRC and we put them up in our flat the night after the gig. Polly went to bed early, we got wrecked with her band and watched Spinal Tap and Blues Brothers. :slight_smile:

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Wow! I didn’t know about her until dry was popular.

Apparently this is over a year old, but glad I finally got to see it

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apparently waddy wachtel is still playing this song with stevie nicks.

I remember I spent ages trying to find that “Fleetwood Mac song” I heard once on the radio!

This song kind of links in to it…

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I thought the same thing when I heard that song. It’s not really true, but now I have a few of SVE’s records.

I haven’t bought music on physical media since about 2010. I still have crates and crates of CDs I will never play, just haven’t faced taking them to a charity shop. I certainly can’t face sticking them on eBay or whatever for pennies.

I probably have less than a dozen worth anything now, probably a John Lennon boxed set signed by Yoko is the only one worth more than the shipping cost.

I don’t have physical either. but I’m old school enough to buy stuff from iTunes. Well, I still have 600 LPs.

12 years ago I sold someone 1700 LPs for $3200. The next day I looked on his site and at least 10 sold in one day for $250 (each, that is). Some $300, $400, even $600.

I have given away a bunch of CDs.

As a young bachelor I had 4000 LPs in my studio apartment.

Anyway, pretty glad to be rid of the physical stuff. Even if I do have it spinning around on a server downstairs.