What are you listening to?

Aphex Twin have push the spatialization to the state of the art

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Rodd-Y-Ler - Lifesigns (1997) - YouTube classic.

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Eric Morillo

Too pushed…error

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I kind of wouldn’t mind if Richard D. James’ had skipped his “An unsettling caricature of my face” phase :thinking:

Here’s Screamo I learned about today:

I don’t really understand what you say

the simple message he want to give is “TV can be dangerous”

(As a book can be also)


My comment was 70% in jest. But I once did not buy “… I Care Because You Do” because it did look like this…

So now,I know that VCV is the SPOT

“demon_crusher” on ‘call of duty mobile’…You can customize the interface

But indeed,the ‘Daft punk’ has proved that they have have begin with ‘customized’ simple signals

They made things in the good order

Love that one. Got it when it came out, and I still have it.

Your are in the error

the noise

New Fever Ray sounds a bit too new to my taste. It’s interesting though. This song is the closest one to the old sound in my opinion

On the second listen I think this one is closer to the “old sound”. I don’t know why I am trying to correct my subjective opinion

The mid is in fact a little stereo

Glad to encounter interesting peoples