What are you listening to?

Absolutly great. The concert I’ve written about before was around this time. This was Party Pur ! btw. Do You know ‘Junior’s Wailing’ from Steamhammer, the composers?

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yeah ‘cos that was the first thing played live on at Live Aid at Wembley IIRC

And I think it re-launched their career, right?

Obviously there are a ton of British bands who were huge in the US. And a lot that if not huge were are least well known. But there are also plenty who are pretty much unknown to the average person in the US. Status Quo, Spooky Tooth, Atomic Rooster, Fairport Convention, a ton of others I’m not thinking of. These bands (I think) never charted in the US, were rarely on the radio…

I’ve always wondered about this movie. I saw it in London when it came out (74??). I’ve never been able to tell how much of it is live. Do you know the answer?

No, I just know what I hear and what I see, I know/read parts are recorded “live” in the studio in Paris (where Wright has no beard) but never read anything about overdubs. :man_shrugging:

So none was recorded live in Pompeii?

I think the parts you see in Pompeii are live(ish).


Pretty sure that isn’t a stuffed dog doing the Mademoiselle Nobblybits yelping

FWIW I went to that amphitheatre about 10 years after they recorded there. It was a vibe seeing Vesuvius off in the distance. Not far away enough for some poor souls. :frowning:

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The dog was the only one playing live :sunglasses:

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I went to Pompeii maybe 15 years ago. On a tour of the Amalfi coast with my parents. It was a different trip with them that brought me to London where I saw the movie.

I cannot speak with authority regarding live albums being heavily post-produced and overdubbed back in the day, but I can speak with authority regarding Pink Floyd since I am wearing Pink Floyd socks today that my youngest daughter (43) gave me for my 71st birthday last week :wink:

PF’s “Wish You Were Here” album was pretty much equal amounts of grief of loss for the still living Syd Barrett and the disdain for the record label “machine”.

My daughters and their friends were obsessed with Syd Barrett as much as with PF during their teen years. I personally didn’t care for the Syd early days songs.


Yeah I was doing a 10 day two centre trip, one leg in Rome the other Sorrento so we went for a day trip to Pompeii. Probably my favourite holiday all in all, it was in the 80s and I’d never eaten so well, had my first ever fresh olives and real stonebaked pizza. Then followed up by gelati where they juggled with the ice cream.

That Amalfi coast drive is fun though, especially on a coach trip where the driver was doing about 100 kph wailing on the horn while blindly bombing round corners.

Meanwhile I’ve been listening to this, a great song from the soundtrack of a pretty terrible movie (Young Einstein)

we were doing a walking tour, so most days were go up an thousand steps, hike along the roman road to the next town, go down another thousand steps.

No don’t remember ever hearing this version, but I like it


BTW I knew roadhouse blues and Bye Bye Johnny were covers , but I always thought Junior’s Wailing was a Quo Original :blush:

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I absolutely understand why I should not pay Spotify to be what Spotify is but I felt like listening to this today:

… and how its algorithm continued to play the perfect mix of “Dad Radio” was just Chef’s Kiss

This is the best possible music. Our work here is futile. We might as well all give up and go back to accounting school now.


Yes, these productions are not one-man-shows. There are just about a dozent professional musicians involved. We are alone with nothing but our fancy sequencers in the rack.

How about this one at 16:00 in?


As soon as we see RCT on top, the picture and the sound have nothing in common :sunglasses: :wink:

BTW saw this yesterday/today for the first time, nice footage :heart_eyes:

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Time… it’s a gas…

Edit: Well it was “Money, it’s a gas” but time is money :wink: