Voxglitch Community Feedback

If I had any job - of your liking - to give, I‘d surely give it to you. Your work here in VCV-world is somewhere on top of fantastic! Thank you!!

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Hi Dom! I have some ideas!

Honestly, your gratitude is payment enough. :bowing_man:

Your brother calls you ‘it’

and mocks your height

That can’t be right

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A poem for the sister of Bret,

Who got engaged to a man she’d not met,

He wooed her online,

And sent boxes of wine,

So now the wedding’s all set.

All names, characters, incidents and events portrayed in this poem are fictitious .

No identification with actual persons (especially sisters), places (real or virtual), gifts (alcoholic or not), engagements or weddings is intended or should be inferred (other than Bret himself of course who really does exist and develops very fine software).

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Ha ha… I meant something like: If I had a company and a job to offer to you, you‘d be on topp of the list…

  • But now you got poems for your sister…

Cheers, dDom

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Ha ha ha! Well, I forwarded my sister the fine poetry, which I’m sure that it will appreciate, however short it is.

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one more poem for your sister:

this is for the sister
not for the mister

but from the mister
it is
for the sister

and it is:
thank you for
being my sister

and maybe later I will make a poem for the mister
to thank for all his work for these fine modules :+1:

I think it,s time to apply some nice melodies to the poems. :headphones:

I’d autobreak that prose :control_knobs:


Seems amazing! It looks beautiful and it seems really powerful. For some reason I haven’t been able to install, tried rc1 and rc2 versions but my vcv rack does not recognise them. Tried them on Windows 10 with the latest version of vcv rack.

I forgot to mention I meant Groovebox. External mixer will work, of course. But that means toggling between two modules when playing around with it. I was considering using Groovebox for live performances, where solo and mute are quite important (to me)

Hi @joopvanderlinden, Ah, that makes more sense. There’s already an expander module for Groovebox that provides mutes and solos: VCV Library - Voxglitch Groove Box Expander

I hope that helps!

Voxglitch modules just passed 40,000 downloads! :partying_face:

Just a bit of history: Voxglitch was the original name for my early Eurorack modules. These were admittedly a bit janky, but it was fun to be part of the early renaissance of modular synths.

(I didn’t create this chart, and it’s missing some manufacturers, such as Analog Solutions and Technosaurus.)


So this blurry beast is one of yours ?


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Yep! That’s one of mine!


Wow - I never knew you made hardware previously!

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I only dabbled a bit. :slight_smile:

I feel a bit embarrassed that I overlooked that :slight_smile:

No worries at all! If you use my modules in concert, I’d love to see a video of it!

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Wowwww. I haven‘t suspected that. Congrats!! My deepest respect once again! I checked how to send you some money, but I only found patreon. Do you have some donate-solution as well, that I might have overlooked? I guess, I am not that much of a long-term-committer… :wink: Cheers, dDom

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