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Hi everyone!

It’s long overdue that I group my postings into an announcement thread. Here it is!!

I have a few quick updates:

  1. All of my granular modules, plus Wav Bank, will be upgraded soon to use higher precision for the sample positions. This may affect your patches, and I suggest that you “flatten” any patches to .wav in the next few days. I’ll be simplifying the position CV inputs for Grain Engine MK2 because the improved precision will make it possible to use one “Position” instead of having Course/Medium/and Fine
  2. My modules that are marked for deprication are going to be removed soon!!
  3. I’ve gotten a lot of requests lately for expansions to the Digital Sequencer module. I’ll be trying to crank those out – but no promises. This is my hobby, and life’s been pretty busy lately.
  4. There have been some updates to Digital Sequencer that are worth mentioning. You can now use ctrl-c and ctrl-v to copy sequences between slots. You can also use the number keys to quickly switch between sequences.
  5. Finally, I’m hoping to add a “freeze” feature to Digital Sequencer soon. More on that soon. It will stop sequence playback and output the CV and Gate that you’re editing. It might be easier to show you than explain it. :slight_smile:

Also, quick notes, I don’t have my notifications turned on for this forum. I try to check occasionally, but feel free to reach out via email if you want to touch base. (clone45@gmail.com)


does your copy / paste interoperate with other sequencers? SquinkyVCV/clipboard-format.md at main · squinkylabs/SquinkyVCV · GitHub


I am guessing this includes ByteBeat, which I love for glitch. Any plans to replace it?

please could you wait for Rack 2.0 to make some modules disappear (especially ByteBeat)

it would be great

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Which ones will be deprecated? How is this indicated?

Didn’t v2 implement proper deprecation,where a user could run patches with deprecated modules, bout could not insert new instances? I remember talk of that.

Yep I remember that too.

No, although I’m aware of the standard, I didn’t put in the time to implement that. My apologies. I hope to get around to that someday!

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No worries, Bytebeat isn’t on the chopping block. And absolutely! I can definitely wait until 2.0 and abide by the new deprecation rules. The modules that would be deprecated have text on the front panel warning of the impending doom:

I’m really excited to share the update to Digital Sequencer that I’m working on. I finished the hard part already. Now I need to add a very minimal front-panel addition, and I should be ready to release it. I’ll make a video tutorial once I’m done that also includes the updates to my sample based modules.

I’m glad (and somewhat surprised) that the Bytebeat module has some fans?! I’ll try to get some new equations added to that in the near future. That’s a very easy module to update!

Cheers, Bret


Are you also considering some future panel changes, @clone45? I find the Satanonaut appearance so disturbing that once I even unsubscribed from your modules completely.

Please find below a highly artistic alternative design that is 50% smaller and 23% nicer. :crazy_face:

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I might be mistaken but iirc Satanonaut started with the panel image and then it was a case of 'what functionality can we make work with this?" - highly doubt that is going to be changed haha. I sometimes put it in a patch and don’t even connect it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great to hear from you, Bret. Hopefully, everything will fall nicely into place. Good luck! J


I’ll think about updating the panel. Maybe I can come up with some clever way of keeping the Satanonaut as an alternative panel feature can be activated in the options. :thinking:

I was just joking… But your dedication and willingness to improve your modules is much appreciated! Looking forward to any news.

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Hi Bret! Although it may have been tongue in cheek about changing the image on satanonaut, I still want to give a vote of encouragement to keep it as is. The bold imagery is incredible! Imagine how many people have pulled satanonaut into a patch simply because of the picture. I did. I’m frequently drawn to modules with bold or unusual visual design and satanonaut really stands out in the library. VCV Rack is such a cool visual environment. Devs taking chances with different designs is one of its great strengths. And it’s so easy for everyone to change any module’s visuals by editing the svg to customize their personal racks to their liking, if there are no built in alternates. Super excited to have a go with your modules after the VCV2 release. Thanks for your work!


I love the way it looks (and functions!). The only improvement I could think of is making the eyeballs the jacks. I think about that whenever I use it. :eyes:


Yep - when I first saw the image I was sure they would be. I thought that was kinda the point :slight_smile:


The light bloom in Rack 2 would really be the icing on it. :slight_smile:

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haha yes!

Lots of negative red voltage :slight_smile:


Oh! I thought you were serious! Ha ha ha. Well, I’m happy to hear that. I’ll try to somehow incorporate the inputs or controls in the eyes. :eye: :japanese_goblin: