Announcing: Major Voxglitch Groovebox Update!

Hello everyone! I’m very excited to announce a new version of the Voxglitch Groovebox, with a new custom front panel by Jim Allman (Interrobang Digital Media). I can’t thank Jim enough for his amazing designs and assistance. :trophy:

Here’s just a few of the new additions:

  • Added lowpass filter to the parameter locks
  • Added next/previous sample buttons to the right of the tracks. This allows you to quickly preview samples from the same folder.
  • Added context menus to the step buttons, tracks, and parameter knobs, which contain a multitude of helpful functions.
  • Most keyboard shortcuts have been phased out. Please use the context menus instead. (It’s a long story.)
  • Should be compatible with older patches

If you find any bugs, please let me know, or post them to

I intend to stay on this project for a little while longer. I hope to make the code easier to read and maintain, plus work on lower the CPU requirements.

Now’s a good time to mention my Patreon! Thanks!!


yeah! yeah! yeah! :+1:

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Holy curse word. This has to be up in the top 10 of all module designs in VCV, regardless of style. How I want to smash these step buttons with my mouse! :smile:

Great work Bret & Jim!


You might ask… Does it glow? Why yes, it does!


Thanks! This was a fun project and a chance to explore the '80s design language of Roland and other classic rhythm boxes.


Wow! - that is absolutely banging!

Well done Bret and Jim - impressive job on the design. You’ve given this awesome module a skin it deserves.

Any plans for a dark skin at some point? perhaps inspired by a more contemporary Elektron style design? (just planting seeds haha).


My hero!!! thanks a million!


Thanks Steve! No other skins are planned right now. That’s not to say it will never happen, but it’s not on the roadmap.

Right this moment, I’m going through and doing housecleaning on the code. I’m converting native c++ arrays to std::array, removing unused variables, adding comments, and so on. After that, there’s even more to do on the groovebox, such as replace the audio delay code with something more seamless, and maybe make big changes on how the paramters are coded. And for me, the big elephant in the room is the clicking that occurs when changing memory slots. :slight_smile:

I’m so excited to see some performances with this module!

But it won’t be me, it’s just too complex for me. It doesn’t fit my workflow and won’t get into my startup template, I’m afraid.

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@clone45 Hi Bret,Could it be that the pan on the expander is not working the way it should ? When I use it to pan the hi-hats to the left nothing happens. Does it only work with stereo samples ? Or is it a bug ?

Hi Peter,

Could you send me the sample that you’re having trouble with? I’ll test and find out!

Hi Bret,

Here is a link to the samples, I used them before,

And here is a patch

GroovPan - 28112022.vcv (4.0 KB)

All the samples should come out of the right speaker…but they don’t.

Hi Peter and Bret, I tried the patch,
the panning doesn’t work from the expander module doesn’t work as expected, but on the main module it works as it should, On the expander it is more like it amplifies the setting of the main module just a bit. The volume and pitch of the expander do what they should.

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I had some fun with the patch and extended it a bit :wink:
no idea if this is anything you like @Yeager
but maybe you like to add some more and post again?
I use GrooveBox as the only sequencer here

GroovPan - 28112022_XTD_rsmus7.vcv (75.5 KB)

@clone45 Ah this is a good test case, the file loads but the samples don’t, so I have no idea what sample goes where…

@rsmus7 BTW I liked what I heard so far might add to it…

Hi Peter, the samples are:

1 = bd01
2 = sd02
3 = hh01
4 = hh04
5 = cp04

I thought these were the intended tracks :wink:


This is how I used them ( see screenshot a few posts back) but you used what you posted ?

Hi Peter,

I’m working with a newer version of the Groovebox, and I’m getting the correct behavior from it. I did a ton or work on the groovebox code and may have fixed it without even realizing it was broken. Here’s a link to the windows build: voxglitch-2.24.1-win.vcvplugin - Google Drive

I made a little video showing it:

Hopefully it’s already good to go!


@clone45 Well done Bret, whatever you did it works now, thank you.

Nice to see my own patch used by someone else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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