=== very cool patch challenge = very special edition 32 ===

I’ve already broken the rules by adding some text boxes to explain what’s going on to the viewer.

i see no problem with that :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the changelogs for the NYSTHI modules (I finally got through the file, making parts linkable, and the whole thing more readable, after 3 days…)

Soy Model Source of Uncertainty
Source of Uncertainty Utils
Dual 208 Envelope
Dual Dual Low Pass Gate


Tonight is the night :slight_smile:


My entry “Modular madness & chaos”

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Having too much fun with this challenge! Mine isn’t much more than an arpeggiated sequence, some noise, and a cymbal made from the Plaits. That said, fiddling with it has been so relaxing that once I start it running, I have trouble pulling away from it. For hours.

I have designs to add something to the low end to flesh it out, and also some passing sweeps or something, but haven’t figured out how to trigger them and sequence them in a way that sounds musical.

I’ve been fiddling with VCV and eurorack-style stuff for all of two weeks.


EDIT: Needed more exclamation points, and also forgot all the links!


My VCP-32 entry:


And a really nice arpeggio/sequence it is! Great sounds, seems like you could build a lot of goodness on top of this. Pretty good going for two weeks in, I’d say!

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Thanks! I’m looking forward to figuring that out.

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just to note that right now Dronehands is streaming this:

(edit to say that he’s stopped now) https://www.twitch.tv/dronehands

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video link is broken :-/

@Patman here you go buddy :wink:


i started a youtube playlist here:



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Hi, Here is my first patch (hopefully not the only one) for this edition. Some details in the video description.

Here is the patch: https://patchstorage.com/beedeegees-fix-1/

BeeDeeGeeRack1.vcv (61.2 KB)

It’s really a fun rack to play with. The occasion to discover some modules I didn’t know such as these outstanding “baseliner” and “source of uncertainty” and it’s utility module.


Hello Rackerz.
Today I have some times to try created some interesting sounds in VCP-32. Coolest thing is a make something on this premade by Ben de Groot patchfile. I don’t use all of modules this time.Because, during the recording I fell asleep due to a thundering storm in the area. This is my first approach to this VCP. This time, however, I began to record from the beginning so you can trace my search.

vcp32- Liquid consciousnes 9u104hp.vcv (52.2 KB)


Wow, it seems that your computer didn’t like this at all. I suggest you to record with Nysthi’s master recorder module to prevent sluttering sound in the recording.
I’ll try to play your patch to have an idea of how it really sounds like😉

cool patch with a cool name!

i want to play!..but…
animated circuits Cosmic won’t show on my plugin list…
i’ve downloaded the zip,put the folder on my plugin folder,but nothings happen…