=== very cool patch challenge, dual edition 44 ===

you are challenged to make a patch in vcv rack to showcase creative use of modules, so other users may get inspired. you can also win eternal fame!

this time i want to do a dual challenge!! also, because we start this challenge a little late, i will let it run longer.

  1. the commercial challenge is to use the modules host and/or host-fx from vcv
    since it will be american thanksgiving, let’s give thanks to @Vortico for providing us with so many toys!

  2. the free challenge is to use stocaudio polyturing

you can pick and choose or do both!

== rules ==

  • make a patch in vcv rack using the chosen module and upload your patch to https://patchstorage.com/ and/or in your reply to this thread
  • tag your upload with vcp-44
  • you are encouraged to only use free modules in the patch, but this is not required
  • make a video showcasing your patch and upload it to youtube
  • add a link to your video as a comment to this post (these videos will be collected in a playlist)
  • give feedback on other participants’ patches

deadline: monday end of the day, wherever you are, december 2nd (though late entries will still be added to the playlist)

a new challenge with a different module will be announced every other tuesday.


does Host work on Linux? I have to try, and I think I will combine both challenges :metal::sunglasses:

Great! I’m in :slight_smile: but I have a question:

Using Host / Host FX opens up a lot of possibilities, depending on the VST used. I can load a full instance of FL Studio in there…

To keep a level playing field, how about to limit it to free VSTs only, or even to selected VSTs, for example Surge which is available on all platforms?

Surge also has audio-in, but I haven’t been able to make it work yet in Host-FX (the manual says to create a surge_fx.dll).


oh ! just learned that :slight_smile: i need to try it ! Surge has some of my fav effects !

I would love to see that kind of stuff, and see what crazy things we can do with Host :wink:

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I tried again and Surge does work as an FX in in Host FX. Seems to perform well!

Details here: https://github.com/surge-synthesizer/surge-synthesizer.github.io/wiki/Using-Surge-as-an-effect-(and-vocoder)#overview

@23volts - OK, I’m game :slight_smile:


ah, not for reaper and fl unfortunately :confused:… Anyway, the polyturing challenge seems very interesting :blush: i will try it

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Cool! I don’t have the host modules since I want to keep VCV as a self sufiscient instrument. So I’ll only give poly turing a go! But I’m sure that it will be some crazy and fun stuff with host I’m looking forward to listen.

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There are so many good free VSTs. I have used Native Instruments Lazerbass from the Reaktor collection, Padshop, the Ample Sound Guitar M Lite, Sonatina Orchestra and a couple of instruments from the Sonic Labs collection. If you are willing to spend some money, the world opens up even more.

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and that’s exactly the point! show us some of the creative possibilities here!

Here is a piece I did a few weeks ago using two different VSTs:


one macro oscillator 2 for percussion and another one for notes



Nice. I like the layout of this patch, and the little arpeggios that fly off every now and then.

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Here’s a small patch for challenge #2. Not tremendously busy, but I found it fun to listen to for a few minutes, and experiment with feeding the Turing back to its scale and offset.



I chose the Turing Machine for the challenge and took it to the dark side of ambient.

Here’s the patch. https://patchstorage.com/polypheme-vcp-44/


here is my first entry for the VCP-44, in this patch I’m using Zebra in host, it may sound a bit unusual for modular :wink:

the patch is here: Zebra in host


Here’s my entry: Using Stocaudios turing machine. I’ve been using VCV rack for about 2 months so this is my first VCP entry!


I love the title haha. Lovely track too :slight_smile: I like the structure of the track and also the great sounds ! Good job ! Congrats on your first VCP :wink:

My entry to VCP-44 using VCV Host…

We can build instruments/synths in VCV pretty easy, but there is unfortunately a limited selection of high quality effects imo, so being able to use Host-FX is pretty amazing, especially for some of my favorites: Valhalla Delay, VintageVerb, & Shimmer

I’m supposed to be writing a manuscript for school, but my internet went out earlier for several hours, so I made the most of my time by saying screw it and putting together this patch. Aside from the sounds, the patch is pretty lazy, I only use a S&H for notes, and I just fade sounds in/out with Tact and then it ends kind of abruptly. Hope you enjoy! Manuscript 1.vcv (67.0 KB)

4 Voices all based on one random arpeggio:

  1. Ambient drone: Woldemar - Neo - Sangster - Valhalla Delay(Pitch mode down 5 semitones) - Parametra - Alma
  2. Shimmer pad: Woldemar - Neo - Sangster - Valhalla Shimmer (pitched up 1 octave) - Rampage
  3. Tremolo bass: Octave Folder - VCO-2 - Debriatus - Stabile - Rampage
  4. Overdriven guitar: Woldemar - Neo - Indent - Pressor - Valhalla Delay(in Tape mode) - Valhalla VintageVerb (Room mode)

Beautiful, immersive soundscape Adi, I really enjoyed it.

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