=== very cool patch challenge, dual edition 44 ===

Not bad for a lazy effort!

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Thanks @down_of_hares & @rickglasser !

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here is my second entry for this challenge:

the patch is here:

rsmus7 overdriver


Nice one Adi, I like it!

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I love the percussion here

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Thanks Lars!

My 7th attempt at this challenge finally resulted in something I was inspired enough to finish. Learnt a load along the way about a lot of different modules in my various attempts. For this one I used ‘what the mod’, though I often didn’t end up keeping it’s first suggestions, and I used some in different ways than I expected.

The patch is kinda ambient and the PolyTuring is the source for pretty much all musical choices. Nyango does occasionally turn up to drum and interrupt the mood, hence the title “Red Cat”.

VCP44-PolyTuring-RedCat.vcv (62.4 KB)

Edit: Patch the last SS2 output to the Fence Trig In next to it to improve tuning. Topograph and the quantiser’s mode are good places to alter the feel.

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Here is my entry:

vcp-44.vcv (65.7 KB) (I’m not using PatchStorage anymore because last time i tried it they insisted I set a license)

I don’t have much cash so I don’t have VCV Host. As such this patch uses polyturing. I tried a few things here that are unusual for me, mainly using PdArray to set the volumes of the various channels throughout the track. I sort of wish you could have all of the arrays in one module so that it would be easier to compare things but you can’t. Also, I made my own flangeing with Polydelay and an lfo. It is spacey.

While I’m here I’d kind of like to bring up the tpoic of COPPA and Youtube (because it’s been making me paranoid) but maybe that’s for another day.


same here…that thing is really crazy… as if youtube didn’t already have enough problems… Although for small channels like us we should be good as long as you tick " content made for adult audience" when you upload.

The real worry is for big youtubers whose old content might be catgorized as kids content by algorithms (although it’s not). Pewdiepie said if only 24 videos out of his 5000 get wrongly recategorized, he could be on trial and have to pay Hundreds of millions $. That’s very messed up in my opinion. It’s like saying suddenly Cabbage is illegal and if you ever ate cabbage you go to jail (Lol my exemple is stupid af but you get the idea :joy:)

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But in the end we’ll be fine, i’m pretty sure if you have under 100k subs on YT the algorithms leave you alone :wink:

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Go to https://studio.youtube.com/ -> Settings -> Channel -> Advanced settings and tick “not made for kids” and be done with it once and for all. Don’t worry about it.


Thanks for the trick ! i thought i was gonna have to do it every upload :sweat_smile:

I’ll try to do the challenge tomorrow after i have an exam, I’ve been wanting to try the polyturing for a while :slight_smile:

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That’s fine but if they decide that my material is somehow “made for kids” then they’ll just overturn it.

I’m loving the Polyturing module. Having poly in a turing is fantastic enough as it is, but the feedback knobs on scale, offset, and steps are lovely for pushing the evolution even further.


Hey this is my contribution. This patch is all about generative ambient music using complex modulations by self patching a 8 phases LFO going throug the Polyphonic Turing machine by Stocaudio (the demanded module for this challenge). Turing works here as a sample and hold for these LFO’s adding some random steps here and there. Patterns fro JW modules clocks the Turing machine. two resonators a single trumpet note sample as sound sources. If you want to play this patch make sure to load a sample in Simpliciter. Hope you’ll enjoy it! Erratum. Turing MaShine… almost :wink:

Here’s the patch: TURnING.vcv (71.6 KB)

Edit. I add here the sample I used. A single note I recorded with my trumpet. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yw2kepvyox4a2ra/Note%20Eb4%20(mf)%201sec.wav?dl=0


Can’t record it, so just an image and the patch. It has no head or tail.

turingcontest.vcv (43.7 KB)

Hi Denis, cool sounds in this patch, it would really be helpfull, if you could provide the sample that you used in simpliciter, or at least point in the direction of the sample that you used, is it a drumloop or an ambient recording or a singing voice or…

you can upload samples here, if you just change the extention of the file to something like .vcv or .jpg … and just mention that change.

Thanks a lot. I just added a dropbox link. I tried to change the extension, but loading it here then didn’t work. It’s a note I recorded with my trumpet. Anyway. any sustained sound or note is fine. It’s just for exciting the resonator.

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Thx Denis for the upload :+1:

VCP-44 Time catcher

Hi Guys an Gals. This is my entry to last VCP no. 44. It’s been a while since my last song on YT. Well, I have to admit, I don’t have much time for myself at the moment. Being a full-time father with little sleep breaks can be exhausting. I hope that in time I will be able to allocate some time for myself. On the other hand, the reality I am in now frees me a lot of creativity in various fields. Maybe with time this will translate into my work. Anyway, I was able to create this patch, record it and give it to you for evaluation. By the way, I’d like to dedicate this piece to all those who have recently lost something. Hope you can always find something new. The wheel of time is really turning. The inspiration for this song was the latest patch by Omri Cohen. Positive vibrations and all LFOs for you and your family Omri. Cheers

Patchstorage link: https://patchstorage.com/vcp-44-time-catcher/