Rick soundz

Very nice Rick!

Thank you, Lars!

Playing around with the Prism Rainbow, again. This time running it through the Texture Synthesizer and lots of Chronoblob delay. We’ve also got the Rainbow’s S&H notes generating the bass line and creating the cacophony of pots and pans from the Modal Sythesizer, running through NYSTHI’s Wormholizer.

I classify this as Industrial Ambient. Relaxing music to cure your hangover!


A couple of people have utilized burst generators in their pieces recently, here is my entry. The part of Mr. Sparkles is being played by Repelzen’s Re-Burst. Mr. Sparkles gets extra sparkles from the Chronoblog 2 delay.

I also introduced myself to @MartinL1968’ Memory Sequencer to play the lead and bass arpeggios. The lead arpeggio is sent through to Plaits (Macro Oscillator 2) which is being morphed through 4 presets by @Stoermelder’s 8FACE. The pad is coming from the chords used in the Memory Sequencer, through @Blamsoft’s XFX Wave, with @GluetheGiant’s Metro City Bus creating the stereo pan.

The break is created by the S&H section of @modlfo’s Leakage played by the Bleak OSC through the Nurage dual low-pass gate/filter. The percussion is being sequenced by Frozen Wasteland’s QAR.


My trial of the new Orca’s Heart module, along with some of the new LifeFormModular modules, Dieter Stubler’s Fence and, of course the Mixmaster.

I consider the piece a bit rough, but I need to move on. If anyone has any bright ideas on how to improve it, comments are welcome Maybe I will come back to it.

A bouncy unfinished tune featuring @Squinky Seq++ sequencing the Ample Guitar M Lite VST and @modlfo s Quincunx providing notes to Frozen Wasteland’s Probably Not(e) with the chord expander. I also try the @Richie Entrian Acoustic Drums and Lazerbass from the Native Instruments Reaktor 6 VST covers the bottom.


I love it - very cheerful! And my first sighting of Acoustic Drums in the wild. :slight_smile:

Yes, I jumped on the module right away. This patch was started using the first release so I have not had a chance to try the new outputs or even the sequencer.

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nice and demented!

I was waiting anytime Ringo Starr coming in for a cameo ! <3 love it!

A Trance-ambient piece. Started out creating some randomness with @jeremy’s Patterns driving 2 JW Grid Sequencers (and many other percussive elements). The first Grid Seq forms a sort of melody and the second is used as a basis of the pad. A Trio of @Squinky Saws on the high end through @synthi’s Wormholizer and Clouds, Ladrone on the low end, and the Sonatina Orchestra VST for the choir. A pair of Repezen burst generators send notes to CzRider and Palm Loop through Lateralus filters and duel it out for fun.


molto bello! but I can’t get low ends (maybe it’s my headphone)

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What freq are the high pass filters set to in the mind meld mixer?

@Squinky: The HPF is off across the board. I can hear the low drone just fine even through my laptop speakers. I did the final mix on my Home Theater.

I went back to the YT video and I can understand why @synthi cannot hear the bass drone. It’s there, but it is getting very washed out in the recording. When I listen to the patch, thedrone sounds fine.

So, I went in and turned on a low cutoff HPF for the drone and the kick. I also added Tangents in LP with a low cutoff and more resonance and drive after Ladrone. This enabled me push the drone volume a bit higher. I put in a limiter right before the Audio out. After all of that, it still gets a bit washed out when recording (sounds great in the headphones). I tried both Recorder and OBS. OBS is better, but not great. Any recording/mixing engineers out there with helpful hints.

Grazie, Antonio!

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Very nice. I like the contrast between the drones in the background and the more percussive sounds in the foreground. There is a lot of ‘space’ in this patch. Works very well!

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Short demonstration piece to try some old (but, new to me) modules, a couple of brand new modules and some new filter techniques.

I started with some @johnhoar Amalgamated Harmonics modules (shout out to @Browneditor, who has used AH modules a bunch). First I have the Clock Divider/Rhythm Generator Ruckus module driving the @Richie Entrian Acoustic Drums. I also use it to drive the gate modifier Imp module into the “Turing Machine for chords” Bombe module. I have the chords from Bombe also feeding the AH Arp 3.1 arpeggiator.

I’m also using the @modlfo Vult Tangent filter in a new way (for me). I am feeding all three inputs simultaneously. In Leonardo’s documentation, he briefly mentions implementing this, but I don’t recall seeing anyone do it. I like it!!

For new stuff, I used the brand new Count Modula Fade to automate the Record module, NysTHI’s new Etchasketchoscope, and the new @netboy3 Southpole Smoke with Parasite module. The shimmer effect for the arpeggio is coming from the new Parasite firmware.



That’s true. I haven’t seen many times the Tangents being used that way. I think this mode is very powerful.

My latest – details in the Youtube description. (Forgive my vain use of Computerscare’s new picture blank. It doesn’t make the music sound any better.)