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I have been putting my stuff on the Facebook User Group, but not everyone is on FB. So, here is my first tune posting here.

Some relaxing music to ease the tensions from the news of the day!


Something with a beat.

Gordias was one of the famous Phrygian kings - known for his Gordian knot, later to be cut by Alexander the Great. The song is composed in the Phrygian mode.

Arpeggio using Impromptu Modular’s Foundry. Bass pad using VCV Chords thru Blamsoft’s XFX Wave. String pad is Turing Machine through a trio of Squinky Labs Saws. There are a couple of Wiqid strange attractors providing modulation.

I’ve been working on this for a couple of weeks. It’s a bit of a bouncy, pop ditty dedicated to one of my happy dogs.

It started as a poly-rhythm trial using Frozen Wasteland’s QAR and blew up. Fours chords through multiple arpeggiated voices. The chorus is just the same chords, just raised an octave and a fifth. The string pad started as 4 Saws, but I stole Omri’s XFX Wave pad (without the Booty Shifter) from his recent Chords video. Hadn’t used Jooper/Janneker in a while, so I had to knock the rust off. Added some slew to the fades and a cross-fade for the verse/chorus switch.

Anyways, hope you enjoy.


Very nice Rick!

Thank you, Lars!

Playing around with the Prism Rainbow, again. This time running it through the Texture Synthesizer and lots of Chronoblob delay. We’ve also got the Rainbow’s S&H notes generating the bass line and creating the cacophony of pots and pans from the Modal Sythesizer, running through NYSTHI’s Wormholizer.

I classify this as Industrial Ambient. Relaxing music to cure your hangover!

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A couple of people have utilized burst generators in their pieces recently, here is my entry. The part of Mr. Sparkles is being played by Repelzen’s Re-Burst. Mr. Sparkles gets extra sparkles from the Chronoblog 2 delay.

I also introduced myself to @MartinL1968’ Memory Sequencer to play the lead and bass arpeggios. The lead arpeggio is sent through to Plaits (Macro Oscillator 2) which is being morphed through 4 presets by @Stoermelder’s 8FACE. The pad is coming from the chords used in the Memory Sequencer, through @Blamsoft’s XFX Wave, with @GluetheGiant’s Metro City Bus creating the stereo pan.

The break is created by the S&H section of @modlfo’s Leakage played by the Bleak OSC through the Nurage dual low-pass gate/filter. The percussion is being sequenced by Frozen Wasteland’s QAR.