VCV Sequential Switch 4 to 1 Output problem

I want to divide a gate source with Fundamental sequential switch but it passes the beggining of every second gate through its output. I attached a video for better visualization of this problem with comparison to bogaudio switch that doesnt do this.

I know that this seems redundant as I can just stick to Bogaudio or any other switch but I’m really into making stuff with only Fundamental modules.

Hi Mat, the VCV sequential switch has an anti-pop slew limiter, so this is perhaps what you are observing. This is by design as it’s made more for audio switching:


That makes sense. Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This still seems to be true of “Sequential Switch 4 to 1” v2.0.3, because I was trying (for an hour) to use it with clock signal inputs, and it was giving me non-intuitive outputs.

Could there at least be some brief documentation about the existence of and reasoning for the slew-limiting feature (or misfeature, depending on your POV) and it’s unsuitability for gate pulses, at VCV - Fundamental , beyond “Coming soon”?

I do very much wish the “disable slew limiter” feature would get implemented. I don’t understand why it has never been done. Andrew’s statement that audio is the main use seems counter to the modular ethos. Adding the disable slew feature would double the usefulness, and I imagine the coding change would be fairly trivial.

@mateusz.grabowski, @john_rose - If you want to restrict yourself to VCV module, the SEQ 3 works very well with dividing gate frequencies, as long as you are willing to accept the extra space it consumes. I hope you have checked out VCV Fundamental Constructs. It includes an entire section on clock modulators / frequency dividers, as well as switches suitable for CV as opposed to audio.


I had a brief look at your constructs and they are simply amazing! I will definitely study them in more detail soon :wink: