VCV Rack templates on Launch Control XL

Following this message on MIDI controleur…

I have now “Novation Launch Control XL”. I’m looking for Templates for this MIDI controleur, and for VCV Rack and typically “MindMeld MixMaster”. I already know how to connect the Faders, Pans, Mute, Solo, etc. But I would like for example to ligth ON in Green / Red the corresponding buttons on “Launch Control XL” when pressing on them.

After an exange with Novation team, they told me to code something on VCV Rack to send MIDI messages to ligth ON these buttons.

Do you have an idea of how to do that? I already use the following modules : VCV suite, MIDI CAT, MIDI MON.

Thank you. Alain

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Is this what you are looking for?

I think it just requires two way talking between the gear and vcv but i havent read through this whole thing nor do i have experience with this, just thought this might help.

Download PDF here…

then look under Launchpad protocol.

Found this info here…

Thank you for your links and ideas guys! Still investigating on that with their protocol, because some information are missing in their documentation… Up to now, I know how to light the LEDs of the 3 first rows, of course how to assign the main commands from Launch XL.

Still missing are the way to light of the 2 rows at the bottom. Also I don’t know how to intercept in VCV a « double » MIDI message like : « Pressing at the same time on SOLO and Track 1 ». Because in this case, I have 2 MIDI messages one after the other… :smirk:


In my midizap config I have this:


# [xx] value is pad colour
# Decimal Colour  Brightness
# 12        Off     Off
# 13        Red     Low
# 15        Red     Full
# 29        Amber   Low
# 63        Amber   Full
# 62        Yellow  Full
# 28        Green   Low
# 60        Green   Full
# Flashing LEDS:
# 11        Red     Full
# 59        Amber   Full
# 58        Yellow  Full
# 56        Green   Full
    # Top Row
F3 F3[15]
F#3 F#3[15]
G3 G3[15]
G#3 G#3[15]
A4 A4[15]
A#4 A#4[15]
B4 B4[15]
C5 C5[15]

midizaprc_launchcontrol_1.txt (5.2 KB)

Have a look through the midizap documentation, as well as the documentation posts above and I think you’ll be able to manage it. I don’t know if midizap is available outsize of linux but I expect there are ways to do it in other operating systems.

Some info here although I think this is all in the github docs.

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Still working on that. Thank you for thess information. What I don’t know/understand is how we can send to a MIDI system (like CV MIDI CC) a sequence of Hex values? I know now how to convert an Hex or Dec value to a CV voltage, send it to the MIDI interface… And I think now it’s not the right process, because the CC valeur displayed (with MIDI-MON) is not the right one). Instead, I use a defined voltage.

There is somthing I don’t understand! Alain

Here is an example from their documentation.

Turn on all LEDs

  • Hex version Bnh, 00h, 7D-7Fh
  • Dec version 176+n, 0, 125-127

The last byte can take one of three values

Hex Decimal Meaning
7Dh 125 Low brightness test.
7Eh 126 Medium brightness test.
7Fh 127 Full brightness test.

Sending this command resets all other data — see the Reset Launch Control XL message for more information. The MIDI channel n defines the template for which this message is intended (00h-07h (0-7) for the 8 user templates, and 08h-0Fh (8-15) for the 8 factory templates).

Read more: novation Launch Control Xl Programmer User Guide

To get LED feebback on the LXL is really simple.

First you have to make sure it’s setup with the correct midi notes. I use midi notes, you can also use midi cc, but I prefer midi notes for the buttons.

Once you got that working, try these out:

  1. Red cable turn it into a toggle switch. You push the button once, the LED on LXL turns on. Push the button again it turns of.

  2. Green cable is a simple hold function. You push and hold the button and while you hold it the LED is on, once you release, the LED is off.

  3. You want different colours. You can try the Bidoo OFFSET module. You set the “off” value/color with the offset knob. You set the on value/color with the scale knob.

Those 3 things is pretty much all you need to know :wink:


Thanks for your patch example, but… I’m lost.

On one hand, I have the Developper’s guide for LC XL which explain that we can adresse the button LEDs via CC message or Note message. Nothing works for me :thinking: I certainly don’t understand something in MIDI stuff…

And anyway, There’s nothing about how to adress LED one the right column (Device, Mute, Solo, Record), and most important for VCV the 2 raws at the bottom (typicaly to command MinMeld MixMaster).

I’ve tryed so many combinations up to now!

If you have some examples… Alain.

First I’d like to suggest when you make something new, build it in a clean patch, it makes it a lot easier to get a proper overview of what you are doing and troubleshoot it. Then copy it into the working patch.

Anyway, here is a patch you can try. One very important thing is that the Gate To Midi module has to be set to Velocity Mode. Right click om module and turn it on. I already did that in this patch, but thought I’d mention it, as the feature is kind of hidden away in the right click menu.

The VCV patch: LXL-Setup 2 FOR COM 1 .vcv (1.3 KB)

First button sets the basic color. Toggles on/off. Second button you can choose color with the acale knob. Toggles on/off. Third only sets a selected color when you hold the button.

About the off color. I was not able to get that working for some reason. I think I had it working in the past, but I don’t seem to be able to get it working now. So for now, off color is no color. I hope you can work with that, IMO it’s better than nothing. Anyway, when many of the LEDs are turned on, LXL can start making a buzzing sound, so I try to not have everything turned on, if not needed.

Here is an LXL template for this patch. I can’t upload sysex files to the forum, so you have to download the link from Wetransfer. Please save your own template to disc BEFORE uploading this one to LXL, so you don’t loose your work, cause the slot you upload this template to will be replaced/erased.

The LXL template:

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Thank you so much for this content. I discovered many things I didn’t understand correctly, and things I really ignored! Like the Gate to MIDI’s option « Velocity mode ». :astonished: Also several différents ways to program LCXL… Now, I’ll work on that. I’ll publish of course here the patch as I’ll progress…

I discovered this morning also a soft (on Windows) to track and analyse MIDI messages… Really helpful ! If you are interested in (other guys here):

Once again, many thanks :pray:. Alain

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Glad you got it working :wink:

Have fun!

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please someone can repost the .syx template on another file sharing service? i can’t download from wetransfer. TiA

I put it on my cloud here:

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Gdrive denied access, don’t know why, thanks anyway, in the end i have succeded downloading file from wetransfer with another computer

I’ve uploaded it to Mega, with a permanent link. Hope this works :wink:

Sorry. I see your message just now. Meanwhile, @Jaffasplaffa did the job better than me… Sorry about that… Alain