Tip - Control the lights of AKAI APC Mini

Here’s a quick video showing how to control the button lights of an AKAI APC Mini from VCV Rack.



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How would this be used in a useful scenario? Can you send a sequencer’s output to it and then press the buttons to change steps etc somehow?

I’m very interested because I a launchpad mk2 which pretty much useless for using with Rack.

If there was a sequencer that had either a cv output indicating which step was active, or an output per step that sent cv when that step was active, then you could totally get the launchpad to display the active step. mapping the launchpads buttons to make steps acitve/inactive is easy enough

I use something like this to toggle the colour of the APC Mini buttons when a track is muted/unmuted.

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mkII’s visual feedback doesn’t work with vcv rack. neither do it lights up like it does with live. i wish someone could write a script or something for this.

You mean a Novation Launchpad Mk2 ?

I just found the Launchpad Programmer’s Reference on the web. According to it

"All communication with Launchpad is conducted using MIDI note-on, note-off, and controller change messages. Launchpad transmits and receives on MIDI channel 1. "

So the same technique that I used for the Akai APC mini could work with the Launchpad, as long as you send the right values.


I don’t have a Launchpad, so I can’t try it.