VCV Rack 2 teaser

I was getting the same impression going through this month, but a recent post in the “Rack development blog” was still talking about the $99 intro price valid till the end of 2021.

The vast majority of community modules are building or could build with only minor modifications. Like overwhelmingly vast. I’d say as high as 90 or even 95%. I’d assume the number is similar or higher for commercial modules but I can’t measure that. The release date isn’t set because Andrew needs to be sure that it’s ready to go because for the release VCV will be doing advertising and so on. I don’t know anything from Andrew but I wouldn’t be surprised if a second beta is released to tidy up some loose ends (there wouldn’t be many) and then following that the release to come out not too long after. Andrew can’t share firm release dates yet, but don’t doubt that the process is happening now.


Right and I doubt he will - its probably now just a case of "is anyone reporting any more bugs/problems I need to fix?..No? - OK release…


Yep that’s what I was saying. There’s at least one bug fix that I know needs to drop but I doubt there are too many. It might even not need another beta I’m not sure what the plan is.

After seeing the evolution of Rack 2 beta, I begin to lose a little interest. certainly there is a graphic improvement, for example the knobs, the input / output ports, the quantizer keys. Surely there is some functional improvement, the sequencer knobs that now turn also in negative, the small knobs for modulation that make 8vert practically useless, the AudioInterface 2, perfect for working in standalone. the Random module has been greatly improved. Beautiful clock function for Delay and LFO has been added. however there are some things I don’t like about Rack 2. I’m sorry I no longer have the “fine” knob for oscillator and filter, the analog / digital switch, I find the ADSR display horrible and even a little useless and I prefer the knobs rather than the slides.

also I prefer the green lights for the steps in the sequencer, rather than the white lights. I prefer the green / red lights of the octave module, rather than all yellow, but these are small things.

overall, it still remains a nice update. :clap:t3: I’ll get used to it.

For which modules u talking about


You can hold Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) to move knobs slowly or Ctrl+Shift to move knobs even slower. So a Fine parameter is useless.

We hope to add digital mode back to VCV VCO through a context menu, but Rack 2 is a higher priority right now.

It will be redesigned when I have time. It was too time consuming to implement the full display design since Rack 2 is a higher priority. The ADSR slider parameters will stay.

We have removed most green/red lights from VCV Fundamental to make the design more consistent.


I didn’t know about ctrl. Thanks! ADSR I prefer it without display, too bad for the slides and the green / red lights, but these are obviously my personal tastes that cannot influence an entire project. In any case, thanks for everything, to you and all those who contributed to creating this wonder. :heart: I am aware that it is impossible to please everyone.

I belive! Hope, you make it soon! )

Sorry if I missed this: What is the best place to monitor a v2 release announcement? I’m all in and will just be buying immediately. Just wondering if I have to come to this thread everyday or if there’s like a twitter account or something? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Here. This specific thread on this forum.

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Social media links are at the bottom of the page

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V2 library is now live and working! - not too many plugins as yet but a great start.


Was just about to post this!

I wonder what are the plans for the web front end of the Library. Currently it only shows V1 plugins (even when detailing on plugins that are already active on the V2 library).

I imagine that will change when Rack 2 launches. But then I thought the library wouldn’t go live at all until then so whaddaIknow…

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I noticed the front page of website changed a bit too

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As many v2 plugins as developers have submitted to the Library would be most accurate.