VCV Rack 1.0 released

Presenting VCV Rack 1.0, the result of over 8 months of development and the single largest update since Rack 0.3’s announcement in September 2017.

VCV Rack 1.0
Download at

This update brings hundreds of new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements, making Rack a professional tool for your modular synthesis workflow.

If you’d like to use old versions of Rack alongside Rack 1.0, simply install it to a different folder, and the two versions will coexist with their own plugins and settings.

We’re excited to see so many new plugins for 1.0. The community of plugin developers is as strong as ever. And of course, expect new plugins and updates from VCV coming soon.


Congratulations! Well done Andrew!

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Congratulations Andrew with your 1.0 milestone release! :+1:t4::partying_face:

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Awesome, congrats on getting this far this fast! Amazing stuff, which can only get better :slight_smile:

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this is awesome, well done man

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Many thanks to Andrew and EVERYONE involved.

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I still remember playing with 0.4 like it was yesterday… Amazing times! Congratulations!


Congrats on 1.0! I appreciate all the hard work that goes into VCV Rack. Being able to freely utilize something this innovative and polished is absolutely amazing.

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YAY !! Congratulations.

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Oh @Vortico is there a URL for the 1.0.0 SDK? I tried and got a 404. Thanks!!

@Vortico Nice one!

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OMG ! thank you so much for your work ! Can’t wait to try it yeah !


I remember that too, you looked so cute <3 :smile:


Congratulations! A brilliant achievement!

Just awesome! I was waiting a long time for this update.
But I´m curious where to find the bridge. Is it deprecated or somewhere hidden?

Fixed, try the link again.

I happened to visit the page at what must have been when it had just been updated! Downloaded, played with it a bit - then when looking for the announcements!
Congratulations - it’s a huge upgrade, in many ways.

Great. Thanks for fixing the link and - of course - thanks for creating the really fun and well designed bit of software that is VCVRack!

Congratulations Andrew!

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