VCV Library beta

The new VCV Library is now in public beta!

This website allows you to easily search for individual modules of a particular tag, brand, or license type. For example, want to list all sampler modules? Simply select the “Sampler” tag.

It is not yet possible to add modules or subscribe to plugins from this website until Rack v2 is released. Use the old VCV Library to add/purchase plugins in the meantime.

Plugin developers:

Please check that all information is correct on your plugin page (e.g. and module pages (e.g. If anything is missing, incorrect, or could be organized better, edit your plugin.json file and publish an update through the usual channels (library issue tracker for open-source plugins, for proprietary). In particular:

  • Make sure each module has all relevant tags.
  • If your module is an authorized hardware clone, use the "Hardware clone" tag. If the name of the module/plugin is different than the hardware unit, add the hardware’s name in the module description. It might soon be linked to from its ModularGrid entry!
  • Make sure the plugin brand is correct. Brands are prepended to module names to produce a “full module name”, so if you’d like your module’s full name to be “Andrew’s VCO”, set the module name to “VCO” and the plugin brand to “Andrew’s”. e.g. The brand in should be just "Autodafe".
  • Make sure the module name is just the module name. e.g. should be just "Polyphonic Delay Attack Hold Decay" or "POLY DAHD".
  • Make sure all URLs work and the author email address is up-to-date.
  • If you’d like a description on your plugin page, add a plugin description.
  • Of course, test your plugin in Rack before releasing an update.

Very cool! However I’ve got some visual cuts (Brave browser)

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I got very excited myself and missed the header text saying where to report issues.

Bug reports should be directed to

@VCVRackIdeas I have reported this one already.

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Looks great Andrew! Everything is nicely crosslinked, searchable and filterable - this will be very useful. Only nit is as reported above - fixed row-hight layout breaks down when text is more than 1 line, and then my usual peeve: Watch out for gray, low-contrast text. Otherwise, good stuff, thanks!

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The label text doesn’t render in the screen captures for my modules. I think they show up in the module browser.

Very cool!

Will this lead to having two descriptions in the future, short one for the browser, and longer one for promo page?

This is a good idea, though I’d probably switch this around! Some of mine are fairly long and do not show all text in the web browser, in the module browser you can have any length you desire.

Shorter description for web page and longer description when clicked into. Long in Rack!

In my eyes it would be great to have a link to the module manual from this side also for more information before installation. I was told from some developers that there is no real interest for manuals per module but I still think this would be helpful for everyone! Have a lot of manuals written over the last months for my self so contact me if you are interested to get some help here.

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VCV Library links to module manualUrl if available, otherwise plugin manualUrl. For example,



Modular grid VCV edition hehe It looks super awesome ! Thanks for the hard work :blush:

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One little remark, autofocusing the search box breaks arrow key navigation. It’s pretty frustrating when navigating multiple pages, each page it requires de-focusing.

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Would be great to have automatic endless scrolling instead of cliking to pages or next button :slight_smile:

For other developpers and users, it actually is an interesting feature.


Seconded. Direct links to a specific module’s manual is a dream. That said, writing manuals can be a lot of work, so I certainly don’t begrudge folks who don’t have the time to make beautiful docs for each module in their package.


This is absolutely gorgeous work, @Vortico. I have a few random thoughts, which nobody is obligated to hear.

  • It looks like you’re rendering the same preview image that’s seen in Rack itself? I noticed that Meander has the same funky artifacts that you see in Rack’s module browser.
  • It would be awesome if each module’s page supported the Open Graph Protocol so that when you paste a link to a module in a discourse topic, Discourse (or Facebook, Slack, etc.) can render a preview.
  • How are you caching/serving the images? Are you worried about costs for hosting and serving them all?
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My modules have always had their own direct links to their manuals. Great to have it more accessible.


Love it. Patch development will move much faster for me!

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This is amazing!

I have one suggestion. Say I search for “Sampler” and click on one of the samplers. When I’m done learning about the sampler and wish to return to my search results, there doesn’t seem to be an option. My only option seem to be to click “Library” in the breadcrumbs which does return me to the index page but does not retain my search query.


Click your browser back button and you’ll see your previous search results