VCV Host: What's In Your Host Module?

Host has made possible to open an additional dimension of sound design with the ability to load VST instruments and FX. I’m curious as to what host app is the base of your formula and workflow? (I understand this is a very broad question.)

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I usually have two host-fx in my chain. One with Unfiltered Audio Byome and another with Valhalla Shimmer, but sometimes also Soundtoys Cristallizer or even Decapitator :sweat_smile:

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Lexicon Native, Valhalla Room and Vintage Verb, Ohmicide… and when polyphony is possible, Arturia Solina V.

I have heard a rumor that the BYOME UI was designed (at least in part) by Grayscale, the same designer as VCV Core and Fundamental.


Nothing’s essential but at the moment the things that I play with the most are the Arturia Buchla, Polyverse’s Gatekeeper, Crusher-X, Late Replies, BYOME & SpecOPS and B2.


I have always Valhalla Vintage Verb as my main reverb and sometimes Fabfilter Timeless, U-He Zebra and some other FX. But mostly I use only “native” VCV plugins.

As a sound effects editor by trade, I use Rack more to FSU, than to make music, so I’ve been using GRM Tools, Byome, Reformer Pro, and Altiverb (with non-IR audio files). Endless fun!

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The Arturia V Collection and U-he Triple Cheese and Protoverb, so far.


I usually put u-He Satin between any drum submixes and the main Console(s) I use for my master mix.


Neato, but unableness of loading vst 1.0 effects is a pity - a whole universe of vst4free freak effects can’t be used.
As a workaroud loading FL studio as vst plugin - works funny, but it own nested vst plugins can’t be automated by Rack.

I’ve never seen a VST 1.0 in the wild. Can any other DAWs load it?

Buchla easel v. And i can use all the lovely buchla stuff from nsynth, even the extract easel 208 modules to ‘cv’ control the easel v.


I haven’t used all of these yet, but plan to:

Valhalla reverbs
FabFilter filters and EQ
Arturia: Buchla easel V, DX7, Modular V
Audio Damage Quanta
free: Airwindows, Soundhack plugins
Ctrlr panels for Matrixbrute, OB-6 hardware // Overbridge for Digitakt hardware
Reaktor: Mother-32/DFAM clones, Processed (amazing looper/live processor), Cloudlab (Buchla 200 clone)

sadly that Airwindows plugin has no any gui or sliders in VCV Host( only if you want to control it by CV only choosing parameters via the right-click

airwindows plugins are usable with a third-party host plugin that offers a native gui such as blue cat patchwork. and 32-bits plugins can be made to work with jbridge.

check out my livestream from last sunday for some of the things i’ve started doing with host, including patchwork.


Yes, of course, FLStudio and Reaper does can. E.g. such plugins as DBlue Glitch, Synth1, big bunch of drum machines and effects from vst4free can be loaded into reaper and throws this error in Host.

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You need to use jbridge to make 64bit versions of the 32bit VSTs.


hmmmmm a lot of people using Byome, kind of peaking my interest.

Following what already said from @ablaut and @PaulPiko, I managed to screencast both solutions. Here some thoughts about that.

Use case 1: jBridge
I registered jBridge quite some time ago (but I rarely use it anymore, since I began to use Reaper which has great embedded bridging features). jBridge is a nice tool but can fail to bridge some older plugins, and can be more buggy. If I remember correctly, issues may arise with plugins compiled with older versions of SynthEdit. In my case, I get an autohost process error while resetting the VCV Host module (TS-808 is an instrument plugin, not an effect plugin) and after closing Rack.


Use case 2: VST host/chainer
In my case this solution it’s more stable, no issues, but the workflow is a little trickier. The more well-known plugin chainer seems to be Blue Cat’s PatchWork (quoted above in the thread). Personally I began to use Metaplugin from DDMF (it’s a little cheaper) to wrap VSTs in ProTools, and it makes a good work for my needs. With VCVRack it worked well, too. Also, it preserved the possibility to load the program presets of the TS-808 (that got lost with the “jBridged” version of the plugin).


That’s all, but please, don’t take these as tips for shopping. It’s just my experience!

EDIT: added the external links to both video on my Google Drive.


Oh thanx man, somehow I missed system bit depth in my investigation :d
Now all works fine, great.