VCV Host: What's In Your Host Module?

(E1ectricwiz4rd) #21

Thank you too, very helpful!
Gonna try second solution if fall in troubles with jBridge

(Daniele Zerbini) #22

Nice, I’m glad you have your TS-808 and other older toys with your Rack again. I too like some of them (Aethereal, Cerebrum, Chimera, SubDuer, Yava3, though the bridged version of the latter is quite buggy in my setup). Also, good decision to be stuck with jBridge by now, and optionally scaling up with a plugin chainer. :wink:


i tried jbridge, but didn’t like it. it really falls short of the almost seamless way bridging works in reaper. i’m even more convinced now that reaper is some of the best bang for your buck to be had in music production.

and i must say that in general my experiences with using the vcv bridge plugin in reaper have been superior to using the vst host plugin in vcv rack. but it’s early days, so we may hope for improvements.

(David Rodriguez) #24

Rexdux, tal noisemaker, Dexter

(Daniele Zerbini) #25

Yes, there’s no short of DAWs these days, but I find Reaper is a superb, agile, eclectic platform, with a seamless workflow, good community support, and a really friendly business model. I am a long-time ProTools user, because it was the elected workstation in my digital audio education facility, but I find myself switching on Reaper more and more often, for more basic and quick mock-ups, mostly midi-based sequencing, arranging or experimental purposes, given also the extended support for vsti. Also, sofware updates are frequent but more flawless than a snap of fingers

(Daniele Zerbini) #26

Nice Redux (though not free) …you make me want to go on and on, with T-Alpha Plus, Synth1, Shortcircuit, FireBird, and tons of others. Sure VST was one of the better things happened to digital audio, at least it earned itself the credit of setting a standard for audio plugin formats, particularly for the Windows platform. I guess next will be the .vcvrack format, no?

P.S. I suppose you mistook Dexter (the complex VCO from our beloved developer with Dexed, the DX7 emulation multi-format plugin that’s also an awesome open-source thing from Pascal Gauthier. Anyway very understandable, taken the place where we are talking each other from! :smiley:

(David Rodriguez) #27

where can I found the complex VCO? is there a version to linux?


dexter is part of the valley plugin

(David Rodriguez) #29

ahhh I goit, my mistake I mean the Dexed