VCV Host MIDI mapping

If I host a softsynth in my DAW (Mixbus) I can map MIDI controllers to it, is there a way to do this with softsynths hosted in VCV Host?

First right click a cell in the host to pick a parameter. Then use the midi modules and connect to the corresponding host module cell input with cv.

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Aware of that, if that’s the only way, seems it is, it would be nice if VCV Host had a MIDI device option to route MIDI into it from wherever, like in a real DAW, select mapping mode in softsynth, select a virtual control, move a real one to map, rinse & repeat etc.

Oh, this is more of a feature request?

It is now I guess, unless already suggested. Thought there might some non obvious way of doing it.

Yes this might be nice to have, I think it would be even better if the Host module could make the controls of the VST visible to Rack, so you could map them with MIDI-MAP or MIDI-CAT, and also use the stoermelder stuff for morphing, preset switching etc.

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@Richie is this a feature request you would consider?

Feature requests for VCV-Host should go to please - it’s VCV that handles that aspect of the Host project.