VCV Host MIDI mapping

OCT is introducing an additional delay for V/Oct?

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DOH! I’m so stupid :slight_smile:
Thanks for spotting that.

midi-polymerge.vcvs (173.3 KB)

Midi monitor VST

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Awesome! This is the most elegant solution I could imagine. True, I excluded the midi-monitor from the set, maybe that’s why I get a series of 8 notes, then the same series of “dead” notes. If I play long singles. But otherwise everything works! Velocity and both controllers! This is a real brainstorming session! Thanks for your time gentlemen!

I’m not sure what you mean (I’m not a drummer) singles? dead notes ? And i don’t have superior drummer.

“Excluded the midi-monitor” - like this ? It will work without - but I haven’t tested it much.

You have to set polyphony channels to 8 on both MIDI-CV modules. If it’s 16, eight of them will not work.

Perhaps you can share a video of the problem.

Yes exactly!) By single I mean singles strokes drum roll. Left-right and so on. Of the 16 blows on the pedals (any), 8 sound - 8 are not, then everything is repeated: 8 hits in a row sound and then 8 - no … …Clearly, I’ll correct it now. Thanks!

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Ok! :+1:

Cool, now everything works perfectly. With All Respect! Andrew.

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Updated module from Grande, which simplified the circuit)

this thread is not exactly what i’m trying to achieve but relevant . i thought may be more experienced vcv people could have solution . in vcv vst host when i load reason Rack and load one of its sequencers , it automaticaly starts automatically running {sequencer} i want sequencer to start and stop when i start/stop a daw and bpm synch as well . i’ve spent lot of time figuring it out but to no avail. is it possible at all or its a missing feature ?