=== vcp challenge #56: reimagining dervish d ===

i know, i know, it’s been a while! but let’s revive our beloved challenge, and i believe we have come to edition 55, actually 56.

for this challenge, i would like you to reimagine the classic synth track dervish d by the great vangelis, from his 1977 album ‘spiral’.

you can either try to recreate the track, using mainly vcv rack, or you can just let yourself get inspired and make something in that genre, or take some elements from the composition and take them in a different direction.

as usual, upload your patch to patchstorage.com and/or in reply to this thread, and upload a video if possible.

this challenge runs for two weeks, until january 2nd until janury 11, 2021, tho late entries will still be welcome.


Woohoo, VCPs are back! :star_struck:


I would like to know more about the rules for this challenge:

  • How many modules can be used?
  • Are only free modules allowed?

The last one was 55 but I don’t think many people entered. Good to have you back!

The limitations change every time but usually you’re not supposed to use paid modules.


actually there were entries, so let’s make this one 56

any number of modules, preferably free, but commercial modules if you so wish

this challenge is mostly for inspiration

Lol, my memory of it was that there were 2 entries, both from me! It’s good to see that other people submitted stuff.

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Huzzah, I’m in on this one, So samples of the track are ok to use for this? Unfortunately I have not got the skills to create and provide a video, that be ok? All the rest I can do. Already started messing with the track in Simpliciter and… well we shall see :wink:

All you have to do is record your rack with VCV Rec. Put it on youtube (if you can get an account) and you’re there. If you want to make things a bit weirder then you can use OBS to composite. None of the basic stuff is that hard to do.

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creatively? sure
legally? probably not

Well I have created samples of the track in reverse, forwards, more delay and echo. So I have mutated the sounds. I have been naughty, probably. I will keep trying to create my own sounds. I have vsts that emulate the synths used-Yamaha CS80, Roland 100, would that be more legal?

I must admit, I totally missed out on this classic. I’ve had a few listens already since this thread started, and yeah, it’s pretty great, I can see why it’s being called so.

My exposure to Vangelis only happened in the 90s. Started off with the popular ones at the time, like “Blade Runner” and “1492”. But to me, the one that had the most lasting effect and got way more playtime than any other of his recordings, was the album “Antarctica”. Thought it was just perfect for late-night listening and really stuck with me.

Wondering how Vangelis fits in each of your musical journeys. No doubt that some of you were there from the beginning and just gobbled everything up as his discography expanded :slight_smile:

Anywho, great pick for the theme and hopefully I’ll be able to contribute something!

if you have mutated them beyond recognition, you should be okay. but creating your own sounds with emulations is more so.

i got introduced to him by a highschool classmate in the mid-80s, after he introduced me to jean michel jarre. back then chariots of fire was probably his most popular one, tho i also am very fond of antarctica. i then started diving into his 70s back catalog and became enamored with the quirky soundtrack to l’apocalypse des animaux, and also the more science-fictiony albedo 0.39.

this led me to a lot of exploring in the instrumental synth and adjacent new age genre. my personal favorites were kitaro, gandalf, and tangerine dream (and of course jarre). i also liked jon & vangelis, which was vangelis’ side project with yes singer jon anderson. but interestingly i only discovered yes a couple of years later, through a church youth group leader. from then on, prog rock became a recurring favorite genre to explore, alternating with ambient, and whatever random genre draws my fancy. but ambient and prog always come back.


albedo + jon&v :level_slider: :musical_keyboard: :control_knobs: !!!

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First time I registered his name would have been the Chariots of Fire soundtrack, but didn’t check his work for a long time in fact the first time was a ‘head’ friend who had raved about the Aphrodites Child 666 album so I took the long way round getting into his stuff.

For me I first heard him in the 70s in a band called Aphrodites Child, with a certain Demis Roussos on vocals …


Hello dag2099, is there a tutorial or images how to do the video recording, only time I have tried with VCV Record was back in the days of my laptop crashing, it seems to have settled down a bit now. Is it just a matter of pressing record and choosing the video format/file? Thanks any help would be most appreciated.

Similar with me. In the early 2000s, a friend of mine heavily into prog rock (a “head” as you say) made the link between Vangelis and Aphrodite’s Child and when I first heard that bassline on the Babylon track, I was hooked!