Surge XT


We are delighted to announce the launch of the public beta of Surge XT, a new collection of modules for VCV Rack, derived from the free and open source Surge XT VST synthesiser.

In conjunction with our launch day, we’re thrilled that Omri Cohen has chosen to make a video which highlights the collection and gives a great overview of the modules.

The collection is large - 36 modules with many VCOs and FX, a Filter with multiple types, a Waveshaper, a Mixer with built-in noise and ring mod, a clocked LFOxEG and a Mod Matrix (more on that below). Surge XT can exist side-by-side with the old surge modules, but is intended to replace them in every way.

The new release highlights several big chunks of work:

• It includes all the DSP work, FX creation, Oscillator creation, and other investment we’ve made in Surge between version 1.7 3 years ago and XT 1.1.2 today

• It features a professional design by @steve (MindMeld) and @pyer (Geodesics, VCV), which makes it feel like a coherent and consistent set of Rack modules, including features like skin and color selection

• It has a novel approach to modulation, which is highlighted in Omri’s video, where each module contains a many-to-many modulation matrix

• It contains a re-work of Surge’s internals which allow the modules to run with a block size of 1 or 8, as opposed to the higher latency block-size of 32 for everything in the old Surge modules.

We are really proud of the collection and look forward to you trying them. In November we will be collecting beta feedback with the intent of having these modules submitted to the library later this month. In the period between now and then, please do let us know if you find bugs, missing or not working features, or really anything else. We’re all ears! (But we are in bug fix-only mode for this release at this point).

Feel free to reach out to the team either on Surge discord, GitHub, or here. And hope you enjoy making music with Surge!

You can download the modules here:

Paul, EvilDragon, Pyer, Steve


huzzah!! been having lots of fun with these for the past couple weeks, looking forward to having them in the library. and VERY MUCH looking forward to Omri’s video about it!


Superb collection of modules, huge thanks to all involved.


Pyer and I would just like to add that it has been an honour and a privilege to work with Paul and Evil on the redesign of the Surge modules for Rack. The Surge XT VST is an amazing synth and we hope our Rack port has done it justice.

Some of the features common to VSTs (but not so common in Rack) that we wanted to include were:

• Plenty of visualisation

• Easy access to presets

• A many-to-many modulation system (currently unique in Rack)

We hope you enjoy them!


It’s been wonderful having you join the surge team with us!


you guys did a great job! the new look for the modules is stellar!


woohoo! Loving new look and so far so good!


Praise our lord SurgeXT…


Wow, these look so good.


So far torturing the Modern VCO, Window VCO, Distortion and Rotary Speaker. So far not a single hiccup or anything else amiss, impressed. Also seem really well behaved as far as CPu is concerned and so much (several magnitudes) better to look at and use. Knocked it way out of the park you guys did, thanks so much and what a dream team to bring this to life: @baconpaul , @steve. @pyer. @evil : job amazing well done, many thumbs up


excellent collection


Well ain’t that the F/LOSS DreamTeam right there !

A huge thank you for your work and your time ! Music will be made with it, it will inspire, thank you !


Great to see the new version!


Goodness me, this is wonderful. All congratulations to the whole team!


Just finished watching Omri. Wow, this is a fantastic collection. I may have to break my rule and install from outside the library.

I’m already dreaming of having Meander conduct the Surge XT orchestra :wink:

I’m also thinking that this collection could answer VCV Rack newbie’s question of “Where do I go first and then next?”.

Great job you all!


If you dont want to install our binary of course you can also just build yourself! Just make sure to make install to get all the assets. And thank you!

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Thanks, but too late, I’m already patching with your Windows binary :grinning:

You are welcome and thank you all!


Thank you for this collection Paul, EvilDragon, Pyer, Steve and everyone involved and thank you for pushing the evolution of the VCV landscape forward with new concepts and fresh ideas.




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Paul, you and the team have excelled yourselves, this is so impressive. It’s kind of crazy to think this came from the cool little vst that everyone used back in the day and to see how far it has been developed. What a beast.