STS The Illiad: A tutorial for this new beast from STS? ... Omri?

(Josep) #1

It looks awesome and powerful … Anyone of the Pros is up to do a tutorial? … Pleeeeaaase! :pray:
Anyway, tomorrow I’ll start messing with it to see what a beginner can get out of it :drooling_face:
Quick docs to get you started (from the STS Github web page)

Good night all! :sleeping:

RIP Alan Pearlman :(
(funkブラスタ) #2

The Illiad is but a controller. Its purpose is to be able to move away from all the clutter a monster patch can make and be able to play patches ARP style.

What’s good is that STS released a version that actually is the ARP Odyssey emulation one would wonder when seeing such gigantic module.

(Omri Cohen) #3

It’s a beauty, that’s for sure!
I’m still not sure if to make a video about it or about the ARP…

RIP Alan Pearlman :(

I’ve been eyeing the ARP clone with interest. Would love a video on useful ways to incorporate the Odyssey workflow into VCV-land.

(Erik Van Wees) #5

Talking about the STS Odyssey, what a beast!! ,

Was just twiddling some knobs (sliders) and then this happened … :wink:
Reminiscent of ELP?? … :wink:

See if short Wav can be linked:

No Patchstorage account yet, so

Patch and wav here:

(Daniele Zerbini) #7

For all musicians interested in Illiad, a must-read is Part 2 of the book Learning Music With Synthesizers (which Alan Pearlman is coauthor of). The book is downloadable from the Internet Archive website, and it’s worth to take a look at it in its entirety.

RIP Alan Pearlman :(
(Lars Bjerregaard) #8

Wonderful. Added to the book links in Beginners guide to VCV Rack

(Josep) #9

Learning Music with Synthesizers” is always the first book in the list when someone asks for an essential bibliography on Synthesizers, in any music forum … So, highly recommended for anyone who wants to make music with any type of synthesizer. :+1: