stoermelder's PackOne v1.8

Hello world

Finally it has arrived, another update for my collection of modules for VCV Rack! It brings a few new modules and a long list of new features for existing modules. And some bugfixes, of course.

I like to start this announcement with a short clip from @xandermogue of the module HIVE: He kindly contributed this one to my plugin some time ago, it’s another quirky sequencer in the world of VCV Rack based on my module MAZE :grinning:

New modules

Well, look at them!

A special mentioning needs module MB which previously was available in my experimental plugin PackTau, not available in the VCV Library. I struggled for quite some time to decide if I should release this module to the VCV Library as it is still experimental and it is uncertain if it will work with Rack v2. But at this point I don’t think we are going to see Rack v2 released in 2020 (considering this schedule), so I moved the module from PackTau to PackOne…

  • MB
    For those who don’t know MB yet: Once added to your patch it replaces Rack’s module browser with a custom one, bringing some long requested features:

    • Resizeable module preview size
    • Improved user experience as module preview cache is not cleared periodically
    • Favorite modules, managed by context menu within the module browser
      • Space-key in the module browser jumps to the Favorite category
    • Hidden modules (Crtl+Space toggles hidden modules back in)
    • Import/export of settings for favorite and hidden modules
    • Ability to filter by multiple tags at once
    • Various sorting-options: Last used, Most used, Random etc.
    • Basic usage data tracking (for sorting-options “Last used” and “Most used”)
    • Ctrl+Click oo the Reset-button for keeping the text search and resetting everything else
    • And more…

  • HIVE
    is a random ratcheting sequencer with 4 independent outputs which run on a common 2-dimensional hexagonal grid. HIVE is an oddball and a close relative of MAZE: Almost everything works the same way except for the playheads running on a grid consisting of hexagonal cells.

    is an utility module for controlling four different parameters at once. It has also two CV output ports controlled the same way and it provides built-in slew-limiting and scaling options, adjustable for every parameter and every port.

    is an utility module for monitoring MIDI messages. Also export as text-file is possible.

  • RAW
    is a digital effect based on the dynamics of bistable systems, according to the work of:

    Alexander Ramirez, Vikas Tokala, Antonin Novak, Frederic Ablitzer and Manuel Melon, “Bistable Digital Audio Effect,” in Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (eDAFx-2020, DAFx2020 in 21), Vol.1, Vienna, Austria, 2020-21, pp. 109-116

    is not a new module but has been hugely extended with slew-limiting and input-scaling, and more…

Fixes and Changes

The rest of the changelog…

  • Module ARENA
    • Fixed noise on OUT-ports (#190)
  • Module CV-PAM
    • Fixed wrong channel count of the polyphonic output ports
  • Modules 8FACE, 8FACEx2
    • Fixed hanging pingpong-mode when changing slots manually (#191, #203)
    • Added trigger-options “pseudo-random”, “random walk”, “alternating”, “shuffle” (manual)
  • Module GRIP
    • Fixed crash on locking more than 32 parameters (#176)
  • Module INTERMIX
    • Added support for polyphony (#199)
  • Module MEM
    • Added support for MIDI-CAT’s new slew-limiting and scaling options (manual)
    • Added scanning for next or previous modules with stored mapping (manual) (#200)
  • Module µMAP
    • Added input voltage display
  • Module MIDI-CAT
    • Added context menu sliders for MIDI filtering/slew-limiting for CCs and notes (manual) (#79)
    • Added context menu sliders for scaling or transforming the MIDI-input and parameter-range (manual) (#169)
    • Added context menu options for precision/CPU-usage (manual)
    • Added context menu options on mapped parameters of target module for MIDI-CAT (manual)
    • Added skipping of current slot with SPACE-key while in mapping-mode
    • Added context menu option for clearing all mapping-slots
    • Added option for ignoring MIDI device settings on preset load (#185)
    • Fixed broken “Re-send MIDI feedback” option
    • Added context menu option for re-sending MIDI feedback periodically (manual)
    • Added note-mode “Toggle + Velocity” (manual)
  • Module MIDI-STEP
    • Added option for Akai MPD218 (manual)
  • Module MIRROR
    • Added syncing of module presets even if bound module has no parameters (#189)
    • Added hotkey for syncing module presets
  • Module STRIP
    • Added hotkeys Shift+L (load), Shift+S (save as), Shift+X (cut)
    • Added context menu option “Load with replace” (manual) (#186)
    • Fixed crash on loading vcvss-files with missing modules
    • Added context menu option for custom presets, listing all .vcvss-files in folder presets/Strip (manual) (#198)
  • Module STROKE
    • Added commands “Toggle engine pause”, “Toggle lock modules”
    • Added command “Toggle busboard”
    • Added LEDs for signaling an activated hotkey
    • Allow loading presets (#187)
    • Improved behavior of command “Cable opacity” across restarts of Rack (#197)
  • Module TRANSIT
    • Fixed hanging pingpong-mode when changing slots manually
    • Added trigger-options “pseudo-random”, “random walk”, “alternating”, “shuffle” (manual)
    • Fixed broken snapshots on save after mapped modules have been deleted (#205)
  • Module X4
    • Fixed advancing to the lower button after the upper button has been mapped
    • Fixed wrong tooltip of lower mapping button

Final notes, again…

I updated most of the manuals of my modules and this time I tried also linking directly into the manuals when a feature has been updated or added (see above in the changelog). If something is unclear or not explained very well feel free to ask…
I also have some unfinished modules on the backlog and even more ideas… but right now I’m focusing a bit more on making music instead of making modules. Hopefully something will see the light of day in a few weeks :wink:
So, and now… go and make some music!

If you like what I’m doing and and want support my work you can donate: PayPal.Me


Merci for your modules :slightly_smiling_face:

After a few tests, I find that the favorites are saved in the open patch.So, if I open a new patch, I can’t find the favorites of the previous one…

We should find all the favorites whatever the patch in which we created them.

Am I wrong, Ben? (Thank you for your future answer)

I think “for now” you have to export your favourites with the packtau MB and import them into the P1 MB. As long as you still have the “old” MB installed.

No, favorites are not stored in the patch, they are stored in Stoermelder-P1.json in the user folder. If you have MB from PackTau installed you must export and import the settings, the version of PackTau does not use the same file.


Understood. Merci Ben.

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thank you for the nice addition to your pack,

raw is great, you can listen to it in action here:


A great patch and module, so how are you creating the brass sounds, which module is the source?

the brass is Basal through Slap into RAW

here is the patch (I have here MJUCjr from Klanghelm, a free VST, in host FX as final limiter, but you can patch from BassMaster to ailikins Big Mute Button bypassing hostFX without much difference)

2020-11-16-rsmus7_brassy_massy_001.vcv (136.3 KB)


Thanks, so kind, I wasn’t expecting the patch! Gratefully received, more experiments ahoy!