Stoermelder's PackOne v1.4.0 - new module INTERMIX

I thought about this too but I postponed it for later version. Now that the module is available in the Library I will have a look at it again.

I expected that someone would ask for that sooner or later :slight_smile: I’m not sure about the workflow but I think about it. It is a useful idea indeed!


Just a note on that: You can hook up anything with 0V-10V output on that port. An LFO with saw will behave the same as normal playback, an lfo with triangle like pingpong. Maybe an envelop generator will give interesting results, haven’t tried yet.

Updated in the Library to v1.0.3, changes see opening post.

does this make 1.0.43c4b13 obsolete?

Yes, it is the same code.

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your modules are awesome, I have request for a module but before I opened a issue I want ask here , I m aware the some of the features that I m requesting can be achieved using operators that already we have in the rack, but could be nice if this tools could be available in your plugin to not search for mathematical operators in others plugins packages

this is the concept

is a modulo that can load pre builded interpolations functions (lineal, inverse, exponential, half, etc) and if it is placed between the CV- MAP and the CV-PAM this is what that do

the functions can be concatenated (patched )to achieve more complex functions like
“inverted half quadratic”

(the functions that I proposed are only samples)


Hello David, thank you for concept of this module. I will think about it!
I think you can achieve these curves using Formula from @frank, but I guess Formula is not for everyone.


Right, can be all done with the Formula module in my “Frank Buss” plugin:

Available for free in the VCV library.


To be fair there’s a ton of stuff that you can do with Formula but you have to learn it first. Most of the time I’d rather use a dedicated module. And I say that as someone who uses Formula quite a lot.


ahh the formula! yes ! thanks

thanks you @frank ! (thanks for the image, is very explanatory )

yes, can seem a quite complex even to make simply things like this if you don’t have experience, load pre-structured functions is more simply and could be great if we can have that utility in the same plugin



If you need it more compact. I think there is also a small 3hp formula module from CF. But I could be wrong though.


There is the cf ALG module, only 1 HP, but much more limited. Then there is another module, can’t remember it, which had a lot of pre-defined more complex formulas, which you could even combine, but still not as flexible as just entering the formula in text form that you need.

Someday I will write a Lua script module, where you can define your own input and outputs, and the size of the module, and then implement even more complex things with a simple and short script.


Finally v1.0.5 of PackOne is available in the Library!
I created another crazy module for my collection, called 8FACE. It’s upcoming release was already “leaked” in the last issue of News of The Rack :slight_smile:

8FACE is an universal expander module, that allows you to store, recall and sequence up to eight presets of the module to its left.

The full manual:

Disclaimer: Loading presets of modules was not designed to be controlled by CV or modulated at audio rate. Please do not contact the developers of Rack or any modules when unexpected behaviour occurs or high CPU usage is noticable.


Beautiful stuff!

can you drive a “stoermelder 8FACE” with a “stoermelder 8FACE” at audio rate ? :sunglasses:


Wow this is cool! M A Zing!
Now I don’t want to be greedy but I’m curious: Could this also work with strips and/or morphing between the presets?

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Love me a good disclaimer.

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Plus one for morphing between presets. Please.

Wow. Your modules are fast becoming great favorites here. uMap is in all my patches now, I look forward to learning more about the possibilities of your plugin. Keep up the great work !

wow dude, that snapshot memory recall thing is awesome, yes please +1 for morphing (as an option)!!

also if possible,
Port Slot order: FWD/Ping-Pong/RND