Some modules did not import to vcv 2

Some of the modules I had in vcv 1 did not show up in vcv 2. Specifically cronoblob 2. Should I remove from my library on the web page and re add it?

Hi @eric.gorter1 , and welcome!

Some plugins are still getting ported to V2; a lot have been done already, and most of the rest are on their way. Lots of information here on what’s already moved over (not all of which is necessarily in the library), and here on what might or might not be moving over.

Alright Devices (based on this thread) is almost there but it’s not in the V2 library yet (and the binaries linked in that thread may not work in the final release). Should be any day now and if you post over there Tyler may well have an update.

If you’re curious about a module in particular, check its version number on the library:

If it doesn’t start with 2 then it’s not there yet.


I figured that but wasn’t sure. thank you very much for the clarification.

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No modules load into VCV2 This needs to be resolved. VCV2 should be back compatible or scrapped.

Oh, a threat! Welcome to the community.

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@user577 - If you have a specific issue - raise it at VCV Rack Support. Everyone wants a smooth transition from VCV 1 to 2 and we have many devs working hard to rectify the issues. The hope is that V1 patches will be back-compatible but it relies on every dev updating their plugins. It’s just going to take some time.

Having said all that, there is no need for rudeness, and suggesting that VCV2 should be scrapped is a huge leap. Please be more respectful of the community guidelines in future.

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