Skiff Panel


Maybee someone can help me out. I´m not very good in painting and i have the following idea(inspired by Urs) I want to build a skiff arround the modularpatch and want it to realize in that way. But how to implemante and how to build a very good looking skiff :slight_smile: BP-124

What’s a skiff?

I can’t make sense from the picture just what you’re after.

Do you know the patch examples from URS? He doing this with Photoshop. I just want to example how the skiff looks in ,3D" but you need of course other kind of elements

But I’m also not quite following :slight_smile: A skiff like the boat? Where? (Why?)

as a pointer to how I'm doing these:

Make a picture like this with a screenshot of the patch and replace the module area with transparency (here white) …

… and put it over the screenrecording.

My Greenscreen module will soon be able to do something like this :slight_smile:

edit: just finished it up the feature, should be available in the next release. you can see an example here, and if you want to use rn you can download it from here. :smiley:


Ah, you mean how do you make a video recording of VCV and have it look like it is in a physical case?

As @purf said, you can simply create an image and layer the video over it using some editing software.

Or as @isivisi said, you can use his Greenscreen module to change the colour of the VCV background and use a Chromakey effect.

I also made a tutorial for how to do it with my own ChromaKey module here

Installed that one just today:)

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@Mattvank here you go, try my new module to create a similar effect directly in Rack