DanT: Purfenator

DanT: Purfenator

This thread is for any comments, questions, issues, or general feedback for my module Purfenator that was added to DanTModules plugin in v2.4.34


By the way, in my communications with @Vortico about this release:

Rack modules shouldn’t typically affect the global appearance of VCV Rack. IMO this should be a feature request for VCV Rack itself, not an individual module.

Which I agree with, it would be awesome if being able to set a custom background was a feature built into Rack itself.

So, if you would also like such a feature, please let it be known…

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Super nice! Makes me wonder how I’ve never thought of making a bezel?


Of course this new module is not super feature rich (yet)…

I notice in your videos you like to use the Little Utils Teleport modules so that certain modules can be offscreen, and this isn’t currently possible with Purfenator.

It just makes a box around all the modules in the patch, so you also can’t do the double skiff thing either, or have the perspective (and shadow) of the skiff at a different angle…

Still, I might be convinced to add features if enough users request them.

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Wow that’s really cool, it’ll be incredibly useful.

Super cool!

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Excited about this! Thanks Dan

What are the statements in brackets in the description?


sure, but whey are they in brackets? I don’t understand.

@dan.tilley It would be cool if the file title could be hidden on the module, as well as adjust its width similar to chromakey.

would it be possible to manage contrast and saturation for all the modules inside the “box” ? most of the times colors are distracting me :sunglasses:

The square brackets are just my makeshift tagging system, to add metadata to the description.

The first is the module width in horizontal pitch, the standard eurorack dimension.

The second is the module category within my plugin, which has certain implications. Nu-Metal modules have a procedural panel and not an SVG one, for example.

The goal is to provide certain information about the module in a concise way but without making the description overly verbose.

In addition, the description is shown in the module browser, so this information is present at the time a user is selecting a module to add to their patch.

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I’ll add a right-click menu option to disable the filename rendering in the next update.

I probably won’t make the module variable width, sorry, that’s abit of complicated code that I don’t really want to introduce.

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Heh, that’s neat! Instant Purf :smile:


Sorry, this is probably not a feature I will add.

This module works by introducing a graphical widget above the Rack background, but below all the modules. It is on this that I draw the skiff and backdrop.

To change the visuals of the other modules I would need to add a widget on top of them, and this would have many complications to overcome.

You can however use the room brightness to reduce saturation and contrast. Alternatively you could request a new Rack feature (as this would be affecting all Rack visuals).

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Obviously, I recommend using a text-to-image AI to create your new Rack backdrops, I find using MidJourney works very well, especially the --tile flag

@ale47p The background image can also be quite distracting :sun_with_face:

I will investigate changing the draw order, I believe if I draw the solid colour background on top of the image background, and also add an alpha slider control, it could be used to tint the image (or reduce the contrast).


lol nice one :sweat_smile:

I love the Purfenator! In addition to its original function, it is also a handy method to discover whether you have a rogue module off in the netherlands.


One other thought is having multiple skiffs. They don’t need to be individually configurable, but if modules are not directly adjacent to others, they would create separate skiffs like 4ms pods so you have groups of modules spread out vs one massive case. :smile:

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