Share (your own original music) Soundcloud or YouTube playlist in here

Ah, good stuff in here! I very rarely do uploads on soundcloud myself, maybe I should; there’s more happening on Youtube

I edited the title to say YouTube too, hadn’t thought about it, but obviously yeah you can create playlists in that too. Really wanted a thread largely for amateurs and hobbyists which is why I wasn’t including places like Spotify and other Mammon-related sites.


You linked to the soundcloud you/tracks page so I am just seeing my own tracks on that page. Easiest thing to do is create a playlist in soundcloud and pop a link to that in here.

I think the guy after you who posted “great tunes” was replying to someone else’s playlist which probably made you think he was replying to you and that you’d posted your own stuff up successfully.

playlist with my patches:

older playlist with my 50 day challenge from my early days with vcv:

and my releases on bandcamp:
everything from allotropes and newer is made with vcv rack (50-99%).

i also have stuff on soundcloud, but i’m not really using that anymore, and on patchstorage.


90% of us in here, sharing our music, are just happy amateurs you know, so don’t think this is a forum for pro’s releasing their music, not at all. If you make stuff, half or whole-finished, on a regular basis, that you would like to share with us (please do), then definately make your own music thread (topic) for that. You’d be surprised how much people enjoy listening to each others creations, and get inspired by that for their own patches. I’d go so far as to say that it’s definately one of the biggest de-facto reasons for the existence of this forum. Don’t be shy, everyone here started from nowhere and nothing at some point :slight_smile:


This is where I put my music:

And this is my music topic in here:

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Nope, that links to a you/sets page which is my sets page and, as I haven’t got any, blank.

Try this…

Bugger, so how do I create the playlist, life is so complicated! Thanks for your time.

Thanks hope this works:

(My humble efforts in VCV Rack by Adrian Bottomley | Free Listening on SoundCloud)

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Third time’s the charm👍

Good, We got it right, thanks for the link to the web page.

vcv is a real addiction, a daily habbit - i sometimes dream of clicking the mouse 4 times in order to get the same color ptach cable :slight_smile: enjoy - i try to upload every other day

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My sketches are all neatly compiled here (YouTube playlist) :

And I’ll usually announce any new ones on this little thread I’ve got going on here.

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I have my own thread, where I update as I go. But sure, as a quick mention, the full playlist is usually updated when new stuff comes along:

I got a youtube where I someties upload screen recordings and recently also a twitch channel.

I hope to do some more livestreams, hopefully also on youtube.

I’d like to post some music from my Audius account. Their “embed” share format uses iframe, and the forum previewer swallows it without displaying anything. So I tried to upload the track to soundcloud – their “embed” format (also an iframe) also doesn’t show in the previewer. Yet I see y’all posting soundcloud links now and then. What’s the trick?

Don’t use the embed, just the straight soundcloud link. I would show you how, but I’ve stopped using Soundcloud recently.

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Thanks! That worked (the link is invisible in the post preview, but it did show up properly in the resulting post).

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Yeah, that takes some getting used to and I still get confused when my link does not resolve correctly until I post the message.

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Unfortunately, I can’t do the same with Audius (where I normally post my stuff). Links to my tracks get misinterpreted by the forum and displays graphics for the Audius homepage even though the link is to my track. Too bad embedded iframes don’t work.

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