Same patch 54% max on Surface but over 200% on desktop. Why?

I have a Surface Pro 7 with an Intel i7 and 16gb RAM. When I run Rack on it for any extended period this sucker get’s HOT, but it usually plays patches fine up to 100% CPU max usage. I usually have a Novation Launch Control XL as a midi controller and have a set of headphones or IEMs that I use with a dongle DAC. My home studio has a Lenovo ThinkStation with a Xeon E5-2670 and 64GB RAM. This machine has significantly more equipment attached to it thru USB connections and I have 7 separate internal hubs and two good quality external powered hubs where I try to distribute controllers, sound cards, etc., evenly. Now am I incorrectly thinking my Desktop is a far superior machine that should effortlessly handle any patch the Surface can? I have a patch called Mosaic that has many iterations, and I was working on it out of town the past few days on my Surface. It’s really not large a all, running on average below 60% max CPU. I brought this patch home to integrate into Ableton and before I did that, I opened it as a stand alone and removed the MIDI MAP module and set the audio module to my 18i20 interface just to have a quick listen - and because I’ve had this issue before, wanted to check the PU usage. It’s above 200% max, and absolutely un-useable like this. Why might this be? Surface:


Perhaps both systems are not set to the same performance setting?

(Performance mode settings for Windows users (Rack/DAW))

How many threads configured on the desktop vs the Surface?

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At the time of the screen shots where the Surface was playing fine but not the Desktop, the Surface was running 3 threads and the desktop one. Just reviewing what Marc linked to above.

Thanks Marc. My Power Plan for the Desktop and the Surface have always been on High Performance. I have been using both Ableton and Reaper for several years on this particular Desktop.

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“Intel core i7” is 131 unique CPU’s.
Open the Settings app on Windows and click the “About” tab to see what CPU is installed in your system.

Use one of the many benchmark sites to see comparisons of the CPU’s.

UserBenchmark: Intel Core i7-7700K vs Xeon E5-2670

I don’t think your Xeon is configured wrong. The newer generation i7 is just that much faster WRT core cpu clock speed - memory bus speed, and memory speed. And it has some extensions that the Xeon doesn’t have. Diffent GPU’s may or may not have a large significance - but I think your two systems are more or less equal in that regard. The communication speed between CPU and GPU is probably much faster on the Surface.

Edit: Given the exact cpu info, the cpu clock of the i7-1065G7 is slower avg, higher boost, but presumably not boosting much when running hot.

well, maybe add another thread on desktop and see if that lowers CPU. Also, is the Xeon slower clocked than the i7?

The i7 is a 1065G7 1.3 GHz

Oh for… It is counter-intuitive to this fellow that adding threads would lower the CPU usage and it says right there in brackets in the drop down menu next to 1 (Lowest CPU usage, so no - I didn’t even try that which is dumb of me. I have set it to 4 threads und walla! hovering around 50%. Apologies for wasting peoples time and thanks very much for giving me a hand.