RIP Alan Pearlman :(

(Nik Jewell) #1

(Josep) #2

Maybe it could be the right time for @Omri_Cohen to make the video about the ARP workflow as a tribute to Alan Pearlman (+ maybe a very short introduction on the useful ways to incorporate the Odyssey workflow into VCV-land as @polygloss said in the STS The Illiad thread).

But of course this is only a suggestion! :pray:
RIP Alan Pearlman :cry:

(Omri Cohen) #3

Yes, it’s on the list :slight_smile:

(Nik Jewell) #4

@dizzy has posted a great link here to a a book on synthesis cowritten by Alan Pearlman:

STS The Illiad: A tutorial for this new beast from STS? … Omri?: