Recording VCV Rack 2 free

Hi everyone, I was wondering what was the best method of recording audio on the Rack 2 free version.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

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For advanced, polyphonic multi-track recording there’s some modules in NYSTHI.


Thanks :blush:

the multitrack recording module seems deprecated.

If it doesn’t have to be free - a discounted reaper license for $60 gives you a lot of functionality. you can use it’s rearoute ASIO drivers for recording audio (Rearoute is Windows Only)

They let you evaluate for 60 days.

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audio hijack it might be a solution but I was more interested in multitrack recording

Rearoute has 16 I/O channels (can be configured to 64 I/O ) - and no limit to track number in Reaper.

Windows only.

Superseded by PolyRec


I’m trying to figure out how this works (not having access to Rack at the moment). There is only one input on module…

You put in a cable that is polyphonic. You can use VCV’s Merge to put multiple channels in a cable.


You use a merge module ( or use a polyphonic signal path).


You don’t have to use 16 channels - the merge modules show the number of channels if any are connected. and the fat cables indicate that there is more than one channel.

Great :blush:. The resulting output be many tracks routed to the merge modules and then saved as single wav files on the hard disk?

Depends on what you configure in the POLYREC right-click menu.

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Thanks, I’ll try later…

This one can be fun too - a looper that is easy to use, and lets you export the recording.

VCV Library - Lilac Looper

  • By default, a polyphonic loop will be mixed down to a mono or stereo audio file. To preserve polyphony as a multi-track file, select File settings > Polyphony > Multi-track
    from the docs
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You can also install Blackhole, and use that to route up to 64channels either way between VCV and any other software. I frequently use it for VCV > Logic/MainStage/Audacity

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On Linux I use to record via jack using cadence, it allow “offline” recording but mostly i use freewheeling to keep it syncing with other hardware and DAW (cadence allow syncing of line but you’ve to use jack Midi)

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I use Polyrec exclusively to record out of VCV Free. I run my modules into MixMasterJr and then use the Poly out. Love that you can either split stereo into two channels or choose to combine. Make sure you delete the files that are “blank” though as they still take up space on your hard drive!

There is an option to consolidate tracks

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