Recording VCV Rack 2 free

For some reason the tracks I record with PolyREC tend to glitch alot when I import them into a DAW compared to the VCV recorder. I don’t know if its maybe the encoding of the WAV files or if it’s the DAW I use. Maybe it’s just my setup. I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

Edit. These glitches are not from PolyREC at all and rather from a high CPU load (from Windows running crap in the background) when I open them in a DAW. Sorry about that. PolyREC is awesome.

Blackhole of Geodesic?


`I notice that PolyRec is very resource heavy (I use a 2012 MacBook) so I set to 16bit and keep my patches as minimal as possible to avoid any sound glitching. Makes for an interesting way to create.

I do edit in Ableton so I do get the chance to augment my patches should I want/need to.

poly rec it’s just a bridge between VCV Rack and the file manager
it’s saving samples always in 32 bit floating point format pcm in a anonymous file

they arrives (the samples)
they are passed to the file manager (that takes care of write and flush them into the single file open)

ONLY after the recording is closed all the choosen settings are applied (you’ll notice a yellow light ON during postprocessing)


Thank you for the education :slight_smile:

That’s really interesting to know.