Rackwindows Monitoring in Rack 2

So, I’m guessing (because I haven’t found a definitive answer) that we won’t be seeing Rackwindows modules for Rack 2. It’s a shame because they’ve very useful, but I especially used the mix checker Monitoring in every patch.

Anyone know of an equivalent for Monitoring that’s available in Rack 2?

EDIT: Changed title to show correct module name


That’s great. Monitoring is in my base patch alongside the Mindmeld stuff. There are other ways to do what it does, but having it at my fingertips is invaluable. Thanks for your work.

Ah, I see you reposted the announcement. Thanks so much.

WIndows-build see Rackwindows - Update v1.1.2 incl. new modules Console MM, Golem, Monitoring and Rasp - #78 by Ahornberg