Rackwindows - Update v1.1.2 incl. new modules Console MM, Golem, Monitoring and Rasp

I rebuilt these for v2 beta1 by just changing the version number in plugin.json. I’ve only really been using Chorus in earnest, but I haven’t had any problem.

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Thank you. Very fond of the plugins for their specificity, doing just one thing well. I look forward to not having to wire them into VCV through Bidule.

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Has the Rackwindows plugin been updated/submitted yet?
I see it in the library, but nothing in Rack itself yet.

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Not yet, sorry. I’ve been travelling a lot lately without the chance to sit down and check the updated plugin for problems. I do want to submit it ASAP though, so please bear with me.


Jeez, I hate to prod you but I really liked Rackwindows modules. Are you still working on them?

I made a Windows-build for Rackwindows V2


This is great, this is maybe the only thing I would consider using from outside the library.

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There are also the following plugins that exclusively appear in Cardinal. Because Cardinal is built upon Rack V2.1.1, this modules are already ported to V2. On Rackwings I only changed the version number to make it run.


Waiting for the AriaModules…great modules with very special features…

@Ahornberg why are you linking to your own forked branches of these projects?

Hope you’re not waiting for them to be added to the library, because that’s not going to happen.

so I can make the nessesary minor changes and provide Windows-builds for others to download.


I am aware of the fuzz around AriaModules’ developer and VCVRack administrator… I have tried to compiled them myself on Windows (MSYS2) without success…

YES ahornberg comes through, thanks mate

@Caecos I made a Windows-build


Mille mercis!

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Downloaded. How do I get this in VCV? cant see a plugins folder.

Are you on pc or mac? PC → Documents → Rack2 → plugins

Thanks a lot for these! They are really wonderful to get an amazing “analogue” sound from Rack!

I especially love putting “Rasp” on the Befaco “Noise Plethora” with Slew 3 - tames the harsh sizzles and makes it sound much more like a hardware device.

I also put “Interstage” and “Tape” on my Master and everything sounds more analogue and expensive.

Super nice!

Are these in the Library yet? I deduce it is Ahornberg? That name is there but greyed out for me.