Rackwindows - Update v1.1.2 incl. new modules Console MM, Golem, Monitoring and Rasp

Okay, thanks for that. I knew about the first menu option but the second one (chain input) was not clear to me from the description.

Just ran across these. Absolutely fantastic, and super useful. @n0jo any plans to update for VCV 2? I’d love to see Chris’ ultrasonic filter ported for some DIY antialiasing mojo

I just built these for Windows, only changing the version number in plugin.json. Haven’t tested them yet.

And just re-built it again for the new beta :slight_smile:

Seem to work fine, been using them since first beta with no issue

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Good to hear there is still interest in these modules. Yes, I’m planning on updating them as soon as I find a little time to set up the dev environment again. Surely at some point in the upcoming weeks.

As for Ultrasonic, I will add it to the list. Shouldn’t be a lot of work.


Absolutely interest in the modules, they’re great.


Amazing, thank you!

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I rebuilt these for v2 beta1 by just changing the version number in plugin.json. I’ve only really been using Chorus in earnest, but I haven’t had any problem.

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Thank you. Very fond of the plugins for their specificity, doing just one thing well. I look forward to not having to wire them into VCV through Bidule.

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Has the Rackwindows plugin been updated/submitted yet?
I see it in the library, but nothing in Rack itself yet.

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Not yet, sorry. I’ve been travelling a lot lately without the chance to sit down and check the updated plugin for problems. I do want to submit it ASAP though, so please bear with me.


Jeez, I hate to prod you but I really liked Rackwindows modules. Are you still working on them?

I made a Windows-build for Rackwindows V2


This is great, this is maybe the only thing I would consider using from outside the library.

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There are also the following plugins that exclusively appear in Cardinal. Because Cardinal is built upon Rack V2.1.1, this modules are already ported to V2. On Rackwings I only changed the version number to make it run.


Waiting for the AriaModules…great modules with very special features…

@Ahornberg why are you linking to your own forked branches of these projects?

Hope you’re not waiting for them to be added to the library, because that’s not going to happen.

so I can make the nessesary minor changes and provide Windows-builds for others to download.