Quantizer w/piano keys that plays well with 8Face

I discovered my holy grail of sorts: A quanitzer that plays well with 8Face saving snapshots. Aria Salvatrice Quatherina’s Quack!

  1. Saves & restores settings from 8Face Mk2
  2. Has a ‘piano keyboard’ to turn steps on and off.
  3. Polyphonic.
  4. Has a trigger input that means notes change only when a trigger happens.

I hope that the Aria plugins get ported to V2!


I use Aria’s quantizers a lot, I’ve ported them to V2 no problem, however other Aria modules need more work for V2 so I’ve not bothered with those, yet. I’ll give it a month or so and if no one else bothers I’ll probably do it, assuming Aria agrees.


I read a post a week or so ago from someone saying Aria had given them permission to port her modules to v2 - can’t remember who it was or whether it was here or on the FB group.

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Almost certainly the latter or I’d have seen it, I’m banned from the FB group, laughed at the wrong post.


It was mentioned by @Vega here in the forum.


I think i do remember Impromptu having one of their keyboard modules being a quantizer ? Maybe i’m wrong and it was a sort of a hack, but i’m pretty sure i’ve used one like that from them :slight_smile:

Well that’s embarrassing, I liked the post and even commented on it!

I also have permission from Aria but as @Vega was first I’ll only bother if they don’t :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry. This forum is too busy to keep everything in the back of your head.

Yes, it’s ChordKey when used with the CHD-X expander, but since it’s a four-note max chord generator at its core, it can only practically be used as a quantizer if you are quantizing to a maximum of four notes.

But ChordKey+CHD-X has the advantage of having 25 internal banks so that it does not have to be used with 8-face to change quantizations.

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Ah i see ! That’s probably what i used then :slight_smile: Thanks for reminding me ^^. I should go for it again next time i play a bit in Rack :smiley:

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Go ahead. I’m so bogged down with class right now I haven’t had time to get my own modules ported yet.

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Have you checked out QQQQ? Which can also set the scale for multiple Quacks and has 16 scenes selectable via CV.

Ported to v2 all apart from psychopump. Knobs on Darius not working if someone more capable than I fancies a look. Briefly tested on linux, Quantizers at least seem solid.


The quatherina series is genius. when it came out i spent the afternoon driving around town aimlessly. my brain couldnt process how awesome it is.

i wish aria would come back. she had the most incredible ideas for this format.

and Aria had hands down the most amazingly done documentation online. Knocked that way out of the park!


This is no longer building on the Community Edition (Mac) here at least…

Correction - got your repo to build with only changing rack:settings::zoom

Would you mind giving some more detail about exactly what you did re. zoom please?

I get this when I try to compile the Aria modules:

g++ -Idep -std=c++11 -Wsuggest-override  -fPIC -I../../include -I../../dep/include -MMD -MP -g -O3 -march=nocona -funsafe-math-optimizations -Wall -Wextra -Wno-unused-parameter -DARCH_WIN -D_USE_MATH_DEFINES -municode  -c -o build/src/Undular.cpp.o src/Undular.cpp
src/Undular.cpp: In member function 'void Undular::Undular::processXYZInputs()':
src/Undular.cpp:210:52: error: 'zoom' is not a member of 'rack::settings'
  210 |         if (zoomChanged and initialized) settings::zoom = newZoom;
      |                                                    ^~~~
make: *** [../../compile.mk:70: build/src/Undular.cpp.o] Error 1

Is this any help?