Prok Modular Update

v1.0.4 is a small but incredibly useful update to the Prok Modular Drums.

The Drum Module Expander now has Tuning and Decay controls. If you place the expander to the right of any drum module (BD, SN, HH, CP, KL) you can control global tuning, envelope decay and quad selection.

This update also includes a couple of bug fixes :

Overtime distortion CV now works.

Unintentional clicks during the transient stage on some drums has been fixed.

And there’s also an extra bank of sounds for the Klonk drum module - ‘Tonal’ which are good for using with the new tuning control.


Brilliant. I’m a big fan of these modules and I’m looking forward to this update.

Any plans for more modules?

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Hopefully more modules at some point. Nothing to reveal yet though.

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Thanx a lot, + I remember well your nice work for Reaktor too :wink: And I really like Klonk Tonal bank - inspirational sounds :sunglasses:

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What a great and clever addition!

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Brilliant. I love modulating the X & Y on all the drum modules a lot. Detuning them as well makes for a lot of creative possibilities.

My only complaint is in the Rack browser I keep typing “proc” or “pork” when I want to find them. :grinning:

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Ooh, nice update! Thanks for this, these are fun modules - now even funner!

EDIT: been playing with this extender… shes a beauty! thanks.

The linux build seems borken, it just continuously downloads and the in the zip is not recognized by vcv.

I fired an email to the support email too, just figured i’d mention it here in case anyone else is running into it. (Edit: And they’ve already replied and are looking into fixing it :)).

[0.212 warn src/plugin.cpp:158] Could not load plugin /home/robb/.Rack/plugins-v1/Prok-Modular: Failed to load library /home/robb/.Rack/plugins-v1/Prok-Modular/ /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.29' not found (re
quired by /home/robb/.Rack/plugins-v1/Prok-Modular/

Not had a chance to play yet but this is really exciting, tuning is the only thing I ever wanted/needed with these modules so they are perfect now.

Thanks to help from @robb the linux build is fixed. It should be live in the library very soon.

thank you so much, amazing addition to the family! another suggestion from me is another expander with AMP envelope control :slight_smile:

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Another update, this time purely cosmetic. You can choose the colour of the LED for the trigger lights on the drums. Available from the module context menu.

This is to match the hardware modules where you can now also choose your LED colours.

If any of you are owners of Prok hardware we also have a firmware update which enables the CVs to be assigned to Tuning and Decay on the real modules as well.


@prokmodular i tried searching the post history but didn’t find anything. any plans on updating prok modules to v2 soon-ish? i know v2 just released yesterday, but I was wondering about an estimate.

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I will be looking at it over the weekend. I did get them working with the very first public V2 alpha, but not had time since. So hopefully very soon, but no promises.


The modules are available in VCV 2 now.


whoop whoop!! :heart_eyes: :partying_face:

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Nice one Prok Modular!

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My favourite drums in Vcv. Yay!


Thanks @prokmodular, so glad to see these still available!

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Has someone tried to use the Prok modules in Bitwig with VCV VST ?

I can’t reload my patches in saved projects when i use them, getting this error message : Could not read async reply : end of stream : broken pipe.

I also checked this issue with Hampton harmonics Progress or Valley Terrorform.