Prok Modular Update

Bitwig is my main DAW and so far i’ve not had any issues reloading projects with VCV and Prok modules inside.

Probably best to contact and if it is a problem I need to fix hopefully they’ll let me know and i’ll get onto it right away.

Hi I’ve already done a support request. I’ll wait for an eventual solution. Thks

I can confirm this report. You can reproduce it by:

  • add vcv vst and load a prok module
  • delete the vst
  • undo

It seems like the font issue that many plugins have had, look at the NYSTHI thread recently. I think it’s #2 here VCV Manual - Migrating v1 Plugins to v2

ok, thanks. That’ll be a quick fix. I’ll get onto it first thing tomorrow.


Can confirm the crash on reloading the VST on Mac Big Sur M1

The update has been sent to VCV, just waiting for the library to update.


Thanks so much!

Ahh just traced what looks like the same issue in Reaper. Seems the same anyway. Took me a while to narrow it down but, to reproduce:

  • Create and save a patch in VCV standalone with a Prok module in it. Exit.
  • Open Reaper, load VCV VST into a track, load patch.
  • Save Reaper project and close Reaper
  • Try to reopen the project: crash.

(Removing the Prok module from the patch resolves this issue)

Windows app log says librack.dll faulted.

Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Can confirm this issue resolved for me since todays update, hurrah!

It’s a very common bug.

Each day I pray for these to pop up as an update on the arm build

I have started the process but don’t have much time to dedicate to it, hopefully it’ll be done before the end of the month


No rush - Just happy to know it hasn’t been forgotten!


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Hope to update ARM64 Support

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Update - its all built and running here on M1. going to test it properly this weekend and submit if its all good. Thanks for your patience.



I can crash rack though by selecting the HH module and changing the bank to either FX or Experiments and then wiggling the knobs… :stuck_out_tongue:

All the other modules seem to hold up to the same treatment, so not sure what’s going on with HH

Thank you kindly!

Thanks for the info, i’ll see if i can replicate it and fix it.


Updates are in the library with a fix (v2.0.3)

Let me know if anyone has any other problems.