Possible or thinkable to export rack as binary?

Hey folks,

I’m thinking of building some kind of a “device” with physical knobs, buttons, sliders, that I can kind of “program” from VCV Rack. Do you think it’d be possible to kind of export a project in a way that it runs as a binary on, for instance, a RasPi? Where certain module parameters (CV, freq…) could be controlled from the outside, maybe through sockets or named pipes or something? The goal is to somehow combine VCV “programmable” digital components and actual analog components in a custom synthesizer rack.

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Hi! @hexdump has a project called “sonaremin” that can run Rack on a Raspberry Pi. Here is the sonaremin github page and a thread on this forum. If you search this forum for “raspberry” you’ll find a few other threads on this topic.


Now that’s cool! Thanks! Basically even more than I had hoped for. I just need to figure out how to turn knobs, buttons, sliders into midi inputs. But I guess there’s already ready made hardware for that purpose.

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@Hendrik - the stoermelder modules have some very good ones for midi mapping and iverson from sixplusone is a very nicely mappable grid sequencer …

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Hi Hendrik, and welcome to the forum.

Like said there is the Sonaremin project, and you could combine that for example with this project: physical hardware specifically for vcv rack.

Then there also is the Midilar project.

But ofcourse you could use any class compliant USB controller, as long as it gets recognized by the Sonaremin rpi build.

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Holy sh… that’s amazing! Hadn’t expected there to be such an active community around. Thanks a lot for the links! That’s really cool!

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