VCV Rack + Midilar (new modules) + Volca sample


Hey guys, I am proud to present you a new concept of modules with panels. One of the last tasks before release.

I would like to know who is really interested in MIDILAR ( (including DIY kit version) - please like or comment. This helps me to get approximate number of first customers.

Please help me figure it out which other modules should become part of the Midilar “world” you can write it in the comment’s section below.

(for now: THE STARRY NIGHT - compatible with Fundametnal modules: VCO-1, LFO-1, VCF, Mixer, TOTEM - compatible with Fundamental modules: ADSR, Delay, VC mixer, MO2 - compatible with Audible Instruments modules: Macro oscillator and Macro oscillator 2, KVANT (see below), planned modules - TOPOGRAPH and FILTER for Vult modules.


Quantizer, Mutes, Keys…

~ 12 pushbuttons

~ mainly compatible with ML module: Quantum, or Holonic System module: Lazy Susan. Also you can play your solos with Autodafe module: Keyboard, or use Kvant with Fundamental module: Mutes.

~ 6HP

New modules with panels and prototype of Kvant in video here:



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